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Stoner Valentine's Gifts Ideas For Your Boyfriend


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Do you have an amazing stoner in your life that you really love and appreciate?

Valentine's day is coming and you need to hurry up to figure out what are you going to plan for this special day with your significant other and also find a great gift idea for him or her. Stop looking more into it, here we have a complete gift guide of weed Valentine's day, considering you are dating or maybe married to a very cool stoner.

Create an amazing weed Valentine's box

Cool cannabis accessories

I truly believe this is the best stoner gift you can ever give to someone. Imagine someone that you really love gives you a box full of all your favorite things, in this case, cannabis products or things related to it. The first thing I will recommend to include in this Valentine's box is some cool herb smoking accessories, depending on your stoner partner's preferences you can pick up the one he would like the most. You can include some hemp rolling papers if he is more into smoking joints or a blunt type of guy, you can now find some pre-rolls in the market too. 

There are also some unique weed pipes out there and of also some original marijuana grinder he would really appreciate having in his collection and collect kief with. Make sure to look for a long-lasting one as it might be the only one he would need. 

Depending on your budget you might seek for special offers and maybe get a bundle of both a pipe and a grinder, just the perfect couple, right? 

If you want to dig in more other cool options for your special stoner sweetheart, don't forget to check out HØJ, there you can find another options such as a smaller pipe and other bundles in their product’s catalog.

Homemade edibles for Valentine's

Besides cool cannabis accessories you might want to add something handmade by yourself, so... how about some weed-infused delicious edibles, you can decide whether to make them only with CBD for a relaxation mood or to add a bit of THC to heat it up. 

In the next Valentine's gift idea, you can get some inspiration for them. I won't be hard on you, but if cooking is not one of your specialties, remember you can always find pre-baked edibles in any dispensary and that can be your safe zone option.

High-quality cannabis bouquet

Adding an original cannaflower bouquet in the box might blow his or her mind, this is something they might never forget. I suggest if making the bouquet is quite hard for you, just go to a dispensary and buy a good amount of  high-quality weed and fill up a cute box with it. 

KOL mini piepe over red rose petals
KOL mini piepe over red rose petals (HØJ Media)

Hand written love notes

Adding some love notes written by you would make it even more special. Consider writing a longer love letter if you want to. A love letter is always a special surprise for people of our century as sadly this type of romanticism details had been lost through time.

To summarize it a bit, your stoner Valentine's day gift kit includes:

  • Cool weed accessories
  • Homemade edibles or pre-baked ones
  • Cute box filled with high-quality cannabis (or cannabis bouquet)
  • Love letter written by hand (or simple love notes)

Cook or bake some Valentine's Day edibles

Here we have some weed edibles recipes for you. Remember Valentine's Day is everything about enjoying your time with your loved ones, so make sure to bake something you all enjoy eating. Here's a good guide to follow in order to have some weed-infused ingredients ready for the recipes and cannabis-infused chocolate recipe if needed for some desserts. You might need a good grinder or slicer to get the most fine cannabis ever, cooking cannabutter has it's own trick.

To begin with, here's a list of snacks and appetizers you can cook easily for Valentine's menu:

If you want to complement with some candy treats and of course dessert here are some options for you:

Weed Gummies & Lollipop edibles

Here we have a guide for you on how to make edible weed gummies with cannabutter and the recipe for lollipop edibles the list of ingredients is quite simple and the process steps to follow too.

Weed-Infused Desserts

There's never a complete meal or dinner without a dessert, it's like the cherry on a pie. Here we have a list of edible desserts you might want to bake for your partner:

And for all coffee lovers, here's a special one for you:

  • CBD-infused coffee: find out how to prepare it  here. 

If you want something a bit more elegant and classy, don't miss the chance to check the perfect fancy dinner menu for stoner besties, especially if you're with the people you care the most.

Organize some of your favorite games for stoners

Spending time with weed smokers it's always a good idea, and what's best that organizing some fun activities and games with them. These are activities you can do only with your partner or with a group of people if you're single and celebrating a Galentine's kind of thing.

Get some snacks for weed munchies

Gather some of the best healthy snacks as weed munchies as I know you might always get hungry when smoking weed. If you prefer you might also get some homemade snacks for munchies, totally depends on your diet.

Candy munchies
Heart-shaped candies as weed munchies (HØJ Media)

Play video games and listen to music while high

Here's a list of the best video games to play while high and the best music when stoned. The best trip you can imagine! How about also some party games for this Galentines day?

Watch movies being high on weed

Take a look into this list of the best movies to watch high…  and here some options you might like if you’re much into aliens movies. Cool, right?

Check out dispensary Valentine's Day deals

Don't forget to look around the nearest dispensary from you, there you might find not only great deals and special offers in your favorite cannabis strains but also in weed gifts and cannabis-infused food (good option if baking edibles from scratch is not your "forte"). If you live in a place with not many or any weed dispensaries around, you can check products online that can arrive at you front door before Valentine's day.

If you live in any of these cities: Seattle, Las Vegas, Portland or Los Angeles... here we have a guide for you of the best dispensaries in town. Remember you should be +21 years old to purchase anything in store. Go and ask for this year's Valentine's deals.

Get romantic this Valentine's Day with cannabis

If you want to have a romantic Valentine's day date, here are some tips you can follow to get the most out of it with your special someone.

How about a CBD-infused bath?

CBD is recognized for its relaxation effect, but how about getting those during a romantic bath full with marijuana bath bombs that you can even prepare them at home and complement with some bath salts too. Remember getting some massage oil and weed lube it's key for the next part of relaxation with your couple.

Having sex while high

Maybe you always ask yourself why does weed makes me horny? Well, stop wondering and take advantage of that effect this V-day to surprise your partner. Discover the magic of having sex while high and show how much you love him while having a good time too. Get the best marijuana strains for both of you, this will make it an unforgettable gift for your stoner sweetie.

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

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