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Best Party Games To Play When High

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Every stoner knows that one of the biggest joys in life is to get high with your friends. There’s nothing like a night in with your friends and some weed. You might want to just smoke and chill, or play some video games together, watch a movie, or play some board games. However, you and your friends might be in the mood for some party games to liven up the night a little. So here’s a list of five party games you can play with little to no investment, with a stoner twist. 

Never Have I Ever

  • Recommended players: 4+

This classic party game has been usually played with alcohol, but who’s to say that it’s not fun while high? In TikTok, I’ve seen some people call it “Put A Finger Down”. If you don’t know how to play this, you and your friends basically sit in a circle and raise a set of fingers. It can be three, five or ten, depending on how long you wanna make the game. Then, everybody takes turns saying “Never Have I Ever…” and an activity they’ve never done. It could be something like “Never Have I Ever smoked weed with my parents” or “Never have I ever rolled a decent joint”. There’s no rules as to what kind of things you can say, they can be weed related, or not. 

If someone in your party has done the activity mentioned, then they must put a finger down. Whoever is the last one standing is the winner! This game is very fun, because when high we can come up with some pretty ridiculous things, and it might be possible to find out some pretty juicy things about your friends and get to know each other better. Try it out!


  • Recommended players: 4-8

If you have a cellphone with you, you can download one of the charades apps on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. The ones I recommend are the free “Party Charades” and the paid and original “Heads Up!”. This second one is around 2 USD. Both of these work pretty similarly. Basically, you and your friends divide yourselves up into two teams. You come up with some silly names and put them in the App.

Then, the first team picks one person to use the phone. They put it up to their forehead, with the screen in view for everyone else. Their team has to read the words displayed on screen, and they have to try to communicate what’s on it without saying the thing explicitly. You guys can decide if you can describe it verbally, or rely purely on charades. The person holding the phone to their head has to guess, and if they get it right, they score one point for their team and can move on to the next word. Rack up as many points for your team before the time runs out! You can play as many words as possible within that time limit. Then, it’s the other team’s turn. 

For a stoner twist, have everyone in the team take a puff before it's your turn! The game can get pretty fun the higher y’all get!

Puff and Hold

  • Recommended players: 3-5

This one is pretty simple. You and your friends sit in a circle, and pass a joint around. If you don’t know how to roll one, here’s a simple how to. After you light it up, you have to take the biggest puff you can manage and hold it in. Then, you pass the joint to the person sitting next to you, and try to hold your breath until the joint makes its way back to you. Whoever loses their breath loses the round, and the rest of the circle gets to make up a punishment or a dare. It can be something easy, like doing five jumping jacks, or something a little more risky, like texting your high school crush. I wouldn’t recommend doing this one in big groups, due to the time it can take for the joint to make a full pass around the circle.

If your friends are feeling a little bit dirty, you could play the NSFW variation: strip choker. It works the same way, except the round’s loser also loses an article of clothing. If you play this version, remember to be safe and respect your friends’ boundaries. Make sure everyone is consenting, otherwise it’s not fun!

Bong Pong

  • Recommended players: 2 teams of 2 people, or rotating pairs.

You’ve probably heard of beer pong. This is another classic party game with a twist. All you need is a table, glasses, and one or two ping pong balls. You place two sets of 6 or 10 glasses, arranged into a pyramidal form on each end of the table. You can fill these up with water, or alcohol if your friends like drinking (but be careful about getting badly crossed!)

The goal of this game is to throw the ping pong ball inside a glass on the other team’s side. If you score one, you get the prize of a nice bong rip. If you don’t have a bong, you can just use a joint or a bowl. And if there’s alcohol, the other team drinks the contents of the glass you scored in. The glass is removed, and the game continues until there’s no glasses left on one side of the table. Whoever’s still standing wins!

Watch a movie, get high

  • Recommended players: 2+

You don’t need much to play this one. You just need a TV, a movie you want to watch, and some weed. This game is already used for drinking, so the rules are pretty similar to the alcohol variation of it. You pick a movie, say, an alien movie, and you make up a few rules surrounding it. For example, whenever an alien comes on screen, you and your friends have a little smoke. If you’re watching a horror movie, it could be that you smoke every time anyone falls for a jumpscare. If it’s one of your favorite movies, and a character has a catchphrase, take a hit every time they say it! The possibilities are endless. Get creative and have fun.

Remember not to drive under the influence after these games! If you or one of your friends ends up looking a little too stoned to drive, don’t do it. Plan ahead and be safe.


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