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Danish designed herb accessories

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Meaning “high” in Danish, HØJ reflects everything we want to achieve; higher quality products, higher production standards and higher experiences. 

This is our purpose and we are crafting a radically better herbal journey around it.


Protect the herb

KLIP is a grinder only by name, having been fundamentally re-imagined for the first time in over 110 years. This isn’t an evolution, this is a revolution.

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Cleaner & cooler

This is a pipe like you’ve never seen before, rebuilt entirely from the inside out for a smoother experience every time.

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HØJ exists to change the way we experience the herb, creating magical products that transform the user experience at every stage: as the herb is grown, prepared, enjoyed and learnt about.

As we pursue this and our story unfolds, we know a lot will undoubtedly change but, one thing we can promise won’t, is our values. They guide everything we do and we hope you feel them each time you use our products.

We are crafting a better herbal journey.

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We forge products through unrelenting craftmanship.

We design products inspired by nature.

We respect the planet and the
people on it.

Through simplicity we distill everything to it's purest form.