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5 Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card


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At present, a significant majority of states make it possible for residents to get an MMJ card if they meet certain criteria. Indeed, a huge percentage of America’s population has the chance to use weed legally. If you happen to live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, you don’t even need an MMJ card to access the substance.

That being said, there are advantages to applying even in these locations. If you live somewhere that only allows legal access to MMJ, getting a card is a no-brainer if you plan on using the substance. Below, I outline just five of the many benefits of obtaining an MMJ card.

1 - Legal Protection

Despite the growing legalization of marijuana in the United States, people are still being arrested for using it. According to data published by the Baker Institute, over 300,000 people were arrested for marijuana possession in 2020. Believe it or not, this was a huge reduction in arrests! In 2019, for instance, over 500,000 people were arrested for weed possession.

Although a growing number of states have decriminalized marijuana, this is not the case across the board. Plenty of locations still consider simple weed possession as a misdemeanor, which means you could go to prison.

With an MMJ card, you can avoid this unfortunate and potentially life-changing situation. It offers legal protection as long as you obey the rules of your state’s medical marijuana program.

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Bottle with medical cannabis (Envato)

2 - Quality Assurance

Even in states where weed is legal, the black market continues to thrive. There is absolutely a surplus of cannabis out there, and shady dealers have lots of customers. The tax on marijuana is rather high, particularly on recreational purchases. Thus, people are happy to go to the black market, where they can save a substantial sum.

The problem is that such marijuana is not tested for quality and purity by third-party laboratories. Thus, there is every chance that it is laced with something harmful. At the very least, the product may have excessive pesticides and insecticides, which is bad news for your health.

3 - You Save Money

As I mentioned earlier, people living in recreational states can access marijuana legally if they’re aged 21+. Yet, they’re often shocked at the price of weed once they visit a dispensary. That’s due to the extremely high taxes levied on marijuana products.

While you don’t fully escape taxes with your MMJ card, you’ll often have quite a few percent shaved off. If you’re a regular marijuana purchaser, this should result in considerable savings each year.

Speaking of which, the cost of applying for an MMJ card online is falling each year. So, if you’re planning to use a significant amount of weed to help with a medical issue, you’ll probably get back the cost of your medical marijuana application in a couple of months. 

4 – Higher Purchasing and Possession Limits

However, the limits on adult-use purchases are almost always lower than what MMJ cardholders have access to. It isn’t unusual for the law to allow someone with an MMJ card to buy double or even triple what their recreational counterparts have access to.

Incidentally, in the last section, I forgot to mention that in certain states, the possibility of a free MMJ card exists. You’ll need to check your state’s rules on this. Some locations at least cut the cost of a card if you fall below a certain income level. 

5 – Better Range of Products

These days, dispensaries are well stocked with marijuana flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and much more. Yet, once you produce your MMJ card, you’ll find that a whole new world of weed opens up in front of your eyes. You may also find that in some states, the THC limit is higher for MMJ cardholders than recreational customers.

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Doctor with medical CBD (Envato)
Doctor making a medical cannabis prescription
Medical cannabis prescription (Envato)

It Makes Sense to Get a Medical Marijuana Card – Do It Today!

In simple terms, if you plan to use weed to help manage the symptoms of a troublesome medical condition, it’s wise to apply for an MMJ card. You can do it online in most states, and it costs a lot less than you think. Moreover, it gives you legal protection, helps you save money on marijuana purchases, boosts your purchasing and possession limits, and opens the door to a broader range of products. 

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

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