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The Best Movies To Watch While High

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Undoubtedly, April is a month to be celebrated every day, and to help you with that; we bring you our top 30 recommendations for movies to watch every day of the month while stoned and maybe enjoy them in the best way possible. So grab your pipe, a big bowl of your favorite snacks or munchies, and let’s start our own 420 Festival. Tell us which one was your favorite!


* The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T: This fantasy movie from 1953, written by Dr. Seuss himself, is a must-watch. One, because it’s exactly what you would expect from a Live-Action movie by Dr. Seus, and two, because it only makes sense after a blunt.

* Death Bed - The Bed That Eats: The genre of “funny horror movies” is always a good bet with some edibles, and the premise of an evil bed that preys on people is something that will give you a good time.

* Avatar (2009): The trippy world of Pandora is best appreciated during 420 with your best blunt. A must-see while stoned.

* Mandy (2018): A surreal, trippy movie seemingly made of heavy metal album covers is perfect for this, especially if you enjoy the charms of one Nicholas Cage.

* Super Mario Bros: The 1993 attempt at a videogame adaptation is certainly a choice, even more so when everything about this movie, from costumes to set designs, screams “get your pipe!”.

* Being John Malkovich: If the phrase “1999 surrealist fantasy black comedy-drama directed by Spike Jonze” doesn’t get you excited to try some edibles, nothing will.

* The Matrix: The heavy philosophy and fight scenes pair well with some weed, so please enjoy this sci-fi masterpiece in a new light.

* Flubber: This Disney movie certainly isn’t one of Robin William’s best efforts, but the scene of the dancing Flubbers deserves a stoned watch.

* The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: An effort by the great Terry Gilliam, the psychedelic imagery of the film speaks for itself.

* Help! : Since The Beatles filmed this within “the haze of marijuana smoke,” there’s no better way to enjoy one of the best music films ever.

* Jesus Christ - Vampire Hunter: A delightful, schlocky Canadian film that pairs Jesus himself with a Mexican Luchador to fight vampirism is an obvious recommendation. 

* The Room (2003): This infamously bad film has a certain weird charm that goes great with some light edibles and some friends to laugh at some of the most bizarre dialogue ever put to film.

* MirrorMask: Done by the House of the Muppets itself, this Jim Henson Company film is the type of fantasy that goes well with your weed recipe of choice.

* Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: The 1973 original is the best one, bar none. And that tunnel scene (you’ll know which one) is a must-see while high.

* Across the Universe: The Beatles strike again, this time with a Jukebox film that puts the best of their catalog to good use.

* Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: If you want to enjoy a day of this 420 with a special someone, this surreal film by Michel Gondry is a must.

* Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: If you are feeling a tad more philosophical in your weed haze, then this animated film about the ideas of the great Noam Chomsky will be right up your alley.

* Beetlejuice: We told you that comedy-horror goes well with weed. And if that comedy-horror was directed by Tim Burton, with fantastic stop-motion animation and a Michael Keaton at the top of his game, there’s no other choice.

* A Scanner, Darkly: An adaptation of a short story by the acclaimed Phillip K. Dick, the animation style will captivate you as the movie discusses the effects of over-policing drugs.

* Alice in Wonderland: Classic recommendation #1; you really need to watch this Disney classic stoned if you haven’t already. A rite of passage for a good stoner.

* The Wizard of Oz: Classic recommendation #2, and bonus points if you get some Pink Floy to go along with it. Also, these colors never get old!

* Mad Max - Fury Road: With high-octane car chases that simply don't stop, you will get pumped (and thirsty!) watching one of the best films of the last 15 years.

* 2001 - A Space Odyssey: The artful slowness of the whole movie, incredible special effects that still hold up, and the “Stargate” sequence make this another obvious choice for 420.

* Head: One of the weirdest films of its era, The Monkees certainly didn’t hold back, and you shouldn’t, too, as this trip to the 60s deserves your best joint.

* Stop Making Sense: The best concert movie ever done deserves to be on this list, so let’s grab our favorite herbal blend and pretend we are right there with the Talking Heads just vibing.

* Almost Famous: Another movie with impeccable 60s vibes, this indie film from the early 2000s will certainly make you nostalgic for a decade we wish we lived through.

* Inception: Mind-bending landscapes, one of the most remarkable fight scenes ever put into the film, and the phrase “we have to go deeper” is one of the best options this month.

* The Wizard of Speed and Time: A cult classic that you can find on YouTube, the stop-motion effects and trippy atmosphere make this a must-watch for any pothead.

* Rubber: The final horror comedy of this list, in which an evil tire named Robert comes to life to chase people and murder them in the most schlocky way possible, has to be part of your 420.

*Theodore Rex: And finally, that movie that you thought you dreamed of as a child is real, is terrible, and it deserves your laughs while stoned out of your mind, so track it down and enjoy the biggest flop of the 90s with a good joint.

You can look for these movies online, on streaming apps, or wherever you want. We recommend you look first at Netflix, as they have a vast and extended list of animated and funny movies to watch when high. So get together with some friends and prepare to laugh out loud!


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Edge of Tomorrow should cap the list.

Posted by Miles on July 18, 2022

Don’t forget blade runner, original and 2049!!!

Posted by Mike Zoeller on July 18, 2022

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