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Top 12 Munchies To Get Ready For 4/20


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What does it mean to have the munchies? When someone gets the famous munchies, Collins Dictionary describes it as suddenly feeling a strong desire to eat a snack or something sweet, especially when they have been smoking weed and are feeling high. This is when maybe you would ask yourself why weed gives you the munchies? My best advice would be, don’t question it so much; just prepare your munchies before and enjoy the ride! 

Because this 4/20, we want to have you fully covered, I asked my friends to tell me their favorite munchies and proceeded to make a list with their answers. While investigating stuff for this project, I discovered that while some folks remain simple in their food choices, others enjoy making their own mix of snacks, almost ritual-like. 

This list of the best munchies for weed is curated, beginning with snacks available at the grocery store and evolving to elaborate goodies that will have you craving them immediately. 

1. Kinder Bueno Chocolate

But here’s the catch… Buy that Kinder Bueno and leave it in your freezer. When you get the munchies, just take them out of the freezer and eat them. “Kinder Bueno fresh out of the freezer, literally a spiritual experience,” my friend said.

2. Nutella & Go with Breadsticks 

Why bother making a Nutella sandwich when you can carry around this tiny and delicious product for when the munchies strike?

3. Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream 

Did you know this ice cream was founded in the 1970s in a hippie haven of Burlington, Vermont? Now you do. From Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake to classic flavors like Vanilla, there are a lot of tastes you can look for depending on your preference.

4. Doritos chips

For some reason, this was the superior answer, but any other type of chips like Cheetos or Fritos will really help you live through the munchies.

5. Cereal

Definitely a classic. Cereal never fails to make everyone happy when you can have your favorite kind at arm’s reach.

6. Oreo Cookies

The best thing about these cookies is that you can always get creative with the combinations. Oreos dipped in peanut butter, Nutella, milk, or with whipped cream… Hey, maybe everything simultaneously; no one will judge you.

7. Cheddar & Caramel Popcorn

You know you want to get that massive bag of cheddar and caramel popcorn and just enjoy the duality of flavors when you start getting the munchies. This is your sign to do it.

8. Pizza Rolls

I feel like I don’t even need to explain this snack because who doesn’t love little bite-sized pizza? For real. If you’re too lazy to use the oven or an air fryer, you can always microwave them. 

Here’s what you do: first of all, place the rolls in a single layer on a microwavable plate, microwave for 1:15 minutes for one serving (6 rolls) or 2:30 for two servings (12 rolls), then let them stand for 2 minutes to complete their cooking. And voilá! (Experts recommend caution on the first bite, so take it easy!) 

9. Pop-Tarts

Just think about it for a second, you get to choose whatever flavor you want to eat, and you also get to choose the format in which they’ll be eaten. Here are some ideas: 

  • If you don’t want to put time and effort into this, you can just eat them as they come, fresh out of their bag.
  • Want a bit of an upgrade? You can always place them in your toaster to eat them warm.
  • You could also leave them for a few minutes in the oven if you want that sweet filling to melt slightly.
  • And here’s an idea you’re probably never heard of before: A Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich, where you’ll just stick a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or whatever flavor) between the two pastries. Trust me, try it. 

10. Sweet-and-Salty Mix

This one is quite simple but also a classic. Get a bag of Milk Chocolate M&Ms and just scatter them in a bowl full of salty Pretzels. If you’re not a fan of M&Ms, you could also get a huge bag of chocolate-covered pretzels; instead, they will not disappoint.

11. Spicy gummy bears

Maybe finding these will take a little while, but there’s a consensus among my stoner friends that gummy bears covered in chamoy and Tajín Seasoning are a snack worth tasting while being high.

12. Salt-Spicy-Fresh-and-Crunchy-Tostilocos

This is literally how my friend baptized her ultimate favorite snack when she gets the munchies. 

Things you will need:

  • Half a bag of Tostitos Salsa Verde Tortilla Chips
  • One cucumber chopped into squares
  • One pack of Japanese Style Peanuts
  • One lemon
  • A bottle of Botanera Salsa Classic. 

So here’s what you do:

  1. Place the Tostitos Chips in a bowl, 
  2. Place the freshly chopped cucumber
  3. Scatter a whole bag of Japanese Style Peanuts
  4. Add the quantity of Botanera Salsa of your preference, and then squeeze that lemon into the mix
  5. Give the bowl a little bit of a shake to kind of blend the ingredients together
  6. Get ready to taste heaven on earth.

So now that do you know what are the best munchies when smoking weed and for this next April 20th holiday, don’t ask anymore how to stop weed munchies and just enjoy the feeling. Many people say eating while “high’ is the best feeling ever!

Bon appétit!

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

Simon is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor in the cannabis industry. He’s the founder and CEO of HØJ; a revolutionary high-end cannabis accessories company. His mission is to change the way we experience the herb and enhance people’s smoking experience through knowledge and unique products.

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Good read. Trying to not eat Nutella because it has a high level of palm oil. The less palm oil used in food products, the less deforestation will happen for palm plantations.


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