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HAMP [ham-p]

The new gold standard for rolling

33 Hemp papers, 33 Airflow filters & Rolling tray

Custom airflow filters
Green as well as gold
Everything you need, at your fingertips
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Exclusive early access to HAMP's launch. Experience thicker filters, find gold in every 200 packs and dive into HØJ House.
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Experience unparalleled convenience

Embark on a new chapter in hemp accessories with our new HAMP, your all-in-one solution for a refined experience. Our meticulously crafted hemp rolling papers burn slower, have an unobtrusive flavor when lit, and resist tearing and burn-out, setting a new standard in rolling experiences. With HAMP's integrated mixing tray and improved filters, sophistication is now within your reach.

Revolutionary Airflow Filters

HAMP's hallmark red filters, now enhanced with extra thickness, optimize airflow for an even burn and to prevent unwanted herb inhalation. These top-tier filters transform the way you roll, offering a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Green as well as gold

Strike gold with every 200th pack of HAMP – a symbol of our commitment to transforming your rolling experience into a thrilling pursuit. Infusing luxury with green innovation, made from 100% TÜV SÜD-approved, unbleached hemp and colored with organic soy ink, HAMP allows you to relish your roll while lessening your environmental footprint. Our ambition? Bridging the gap between sophistication and sustainability – making every HAMP paper not only a symbol of green commitment but also a potential golden discovery!

Sophisticated Design

HAMP's magnetic closure system ensures easy access, preserving your papers from moisture and creases, while the reinforced casing guarantees your papers remain unbent during transit.

Technical specifications

King Size Slim
100 x 85 mm | 3.94" x 3.35" foldable tray

33 Hemp fiber papers
33 Airflow optimized filters

Organic soy ink
Flexible magnet
Recyclable kraft paper
100% Organic TUV SUD hemp

Roll big
or go home

Get 22 HAMP's with HAMP Box


Is this a new version of HAMP?

Yes. This version of HAMP now contains a Golden Leaf in every 200th pack, have direct access to HØJ House through a QR code and has new and improved filters.

What does HAMP mean?

Hamp is Danish for hemp. HAMP is made with 100% organic unbleached hemp, with arabica gum from conflict free tree growers in Africa.

What happens if I find The Golden Leaf?

Scan the QR code that’s inside the Rolling tray of HAMP and follow the instruction on HØJ House to claim your free HØJ product.

What makes the filters special?

HAMP's filters are specifically designed to optimize airflow and therefore limit any canoeing happening while using it, with the same time making sure that the integrated grill catches any potential scooby snacks!

What is the warranty?

Do you really need a warranty on your rolling papers?

How does the rolling tray work?

Simple bend the packaging in the shown areas and voilá, you now have an rolling tray! If you're having issues, scan the QR code and learn how to do it on HØJ House.