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Cannabis Caramel Popcorn Recipe

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Caramel popcorn is truly the perfect snack: with its crunchy texture and enough sweetness to go along with almost every occasion, there’s nothing one can add to improve the best of all popcorns, except for one thing, of course: weed. Weed makes every snack better, no exception, and today we are going to tell you how to prepare this easy recipe in a few minutes.

It’s really difficult to mess up popcorn short of literally burning it, so you can add pretty much anything you want to it, be it some special additions (like Cheeto dust or salted chocolate), and of course, all of them go pretty amazingly with weed.

So bring that list of perfect movies to watch this hallowed month, invite some friends over and offer them a snack that will be a complete hit on any movie night. It’s easier than it sounds, so there is no excuse not to try it today. Enjoy!


Before getting started in the kitchen:

As is appropriate for popcorn, the first thing you need is some weed butter, also known as cannabutter. Don’t worry; we have an excellent guide right here to help you get started. We recommend you make it unsalted so as not to ruin the flavor of the caramel in the popcorn, but add anything you like, don’t worry.

Before we start, make sure you have all the equipment you are going to need, such as a saucepan, a shallow roasting pan, some cooking oil, some bowls to mix the ingredients, and a gas oven. You could try with an air fryer, but that’s at your own risk.

Now, take your time before the movie night begins, as this popcorn will take around an hour or so to be ready; most of it will be spent in the oven, but still, you want to have them ready when your fellow film buffs arrive. The recipe itself takes around 15 minutes, and you are going to need:

The ingredients:

  • 4 quarts of popped popcorn
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • Half (½) a cup of light corn syrup
  • Half (½) a cup of cannabutter (Possibly you will need a good grinder to slice your weed and prepare cannabutter easily)
  • Half (½) a tablespoon of salt
  • Half (½) a tablespoon of pepper
  • One (1) tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • Half (½) a tablespoon of baking soda

Possibly you will need a great grinder to slice your weed to prepare the cannabutter (here’s a perfect choice for this task)

What you need to do:

First, mix the brown sugar, corn syrup, cannabutter, and salt in a bowl. Put your saucepan on the stove at medium heat, and pour the caramel mix on it. Let it boil for about five minutes without stirring.

Preheat your oven to 120°C (about 250 F), spray your roasting pan with cooking oil, and cover it with the warm popcorn in no more than two layers so everything can get covered in the caramel. After the five minutes are done, remove the caramel from the heat and quickly mix the baking soda and vanilla extract. Stir it well, and while it is still hot, pour the caramel carefully over the popcorn, making sure you cover everything evenly. With that done, bake the popcorn for 45 minutes, and then it’s done. You are ready for your movie night!


But what if I don’t like caramel?

Okay, maybe caramel popcorn is not everyone’s cup of tea, or you just want to mix it with something less salty. So if you want to make some good old popcorn with just some weed on it, the process is just as easy.

You have in mind that you will need to make the popcorn from scratch to make sure the weed is appropriately incorporated in the recipe, which will require a stockpot to make it properly. So, for the popcorn itself, you are going to need…

The ingredients:

  • One quarter (¼) cup of melted cannabutter
  • Half (½) a cup of popcorn kernels
  • One quarter (¼ )cup of canola or vegetable oil
  • Salt to taste (we recommend kosher, it will give it a nice flavor)

What you need to do:

The trick to having good stove popcorn is making sure you have the appropriate heat to let the kernels pop. So put the oil on the stockpot on medium-high heat, add a couple of kernels and cover it with the lid. When you hear them pop, you’ll know the oil is ready, so start adding the rest of the kernels in a single layer, cover them again, and let them pop. You can shake the pot gently to make sure every kernel pops, and while you wait, melt your cannabutter in the microwave. It will take a couple of minutes, at most.

Once the popcorn is ready, simply pour the melted cannabutter over it, add as much salt as you want, and stir everything well. Remove the butter from the heat and serve once the butter is golden and delicious-looking. There you go: salty, buttery popcorn with a surprise on it! 

If you want, mix both kinds of popcorn in a single big bowl; if you used the same cannabutter on both, then the high will be about the same in the salty and caramel popcorn, so don’t worry if they will give you different effects.


Now all you have to do is choose the perfect movie to watch while being high (we have the best list right here!) and enjoy a chill afternoon with your favorite people. Enjoy, and please have the best weed experiences with your most loved ones!

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