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Best Activities To Do When High

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Let’s be honest: not every one of us has the luxury to go outside and get high at a music festival, or attend a cannabis-friendly masquerade, or go on a weed tour. 

However, there are a bunch of mundane activities you can do -on your own or with your friends- to have the best weed experiences. Here’s a list of 12 fun activities to do while being high.

What to do while being high at home

Take a bubble bath:

There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a bath after coming home from a long day of work, so why not add a little bit of weed to the experience?

You can always stretch out your bath time to make it as elaborate as you want to, turning a bubble bath into an experience more than just an activity: Turn out the lights and light up your favorite candles, grab a drink of your choice, put some unwinding music on, light up your joint and relax. 


Listen to music:

As cliché as it may sound, this list would be incomplete without music. Most people agree that listening to music while being high is a very different experience while doing it sober, so let me put it into words.

Way of Leaf explains that the connection between marijuana and music is well documented; there are even several theories surrounding the relationship between cannabis and sound. 

A Psychopharmacology research published in 2012 shows that being high causes your internal clock to move more quickly than usual, meaning that external time appears to slow down. 

Way of Leaf further explains that when the perception of time is altered and combined with the increased attention and focus that many weed strains provide, it is possible that pot allows you to hear subtle notes that you may miss under normal circumstances. 

Additionally, it is also likely that being high will enable you to concentrate fully on the music itself rather than letting it be just background noise. At the same time, you’re busy going through other tasks.

If I’ve convinced you about this mystical experience and you’re looking to try it out with new music, here are five albums that you need to check out.



Meditation may sound a bit boring, but I promise you will see meditation under a different light when you practice it while being high. 

Breathing exercises, introspection, and relaxation may not come easy when you’re sober, but the slowing of time may help you think about what’s on your mind or maybe quiet it down for a while.


Watch a movie:

Pick the movie ahead of time, depending on the mood you're in. Do you want to watch a bad action movie that could potentially become a masterpiece? What about a disturbing horror film that will make your hair stand on end? Maybe just laugh out loud with a comedy, or perhaps your favorite childhood film or TV series? 

There’s a whole world of possibilities, from Across The Universe to Mandy; here’s a complete list of the best 30 movies to watch while being high.


Get creative with art:

In any way, you want to! Weed will help you get over your art block, whether journaling, writing a poem or a short story, some lyrics, creating a melody in an instrument, or even painting something on a canvas. 

My recommendation is to give in to any type of art form that your stoned self is drawn to and let it express itself in any medium you want. For example, if you’re feeling like creating a story, but you’re finding it hard to type or write it down, you can always open your Voice Memos app and pour out your ideas.


Play a video game:

I don’t know about you but making plans for a night of smoking, and solitary gaming sounds really comfy. 

Exploration games make the best experience for playing while being high, rather than shooting or fighting games. Remember, your reaction time may be slow, so it is possible that your headshot game will not be as strong as it is while being sober.

Right now, my favorite indie video games to sit back and relax are Gris, Hoa, and Spiritfarer, and you can find all three of them on any platform.  


What to do while being with friends

Make a playlist and dance:

Yes, I’m being completely serious, especially if you’re around your closest friends. 

I suggest you make a collaborative playlist and ask everyone to put some of their favorite danciest songs in there, then play it on shuffle on the best speakers you have.

Bonus: If you’re feeling brave, I dare you to record yourselves (with everyone’s consent) and watch the video when you’re no longer stoned, just to have a few extra laughs.


Have a deep conversation (or try to):

Research points out that cannabis helps you draw relations between subjects and dulls your sense of verbal memory, so you can often forget what you were talking about after going off on a tangent. However, this can also be really fun and therapeutic! After going off on a tangent, try asking your friends what you were talking about and how you got there.


Go to a museum or an art gallery:

Smoking and appreciating art will put you in a totally different headspace; you may be more sensitive and receptive to what your eyes are beholding because cannabis will help you look at art from a different perspective.


Go to a park and swing:

Plan a smoking session with your friends and go out to your favorite park; the only thing you’ll need to do is go chill on the swings. You can thank me later.



Get together with your closest buddies and explore your culinary skills before getting high, so the food is served exactly when the munchies hit.  


Play board games:

From fun card games like Uno to mystery games like Clue, there’s a whole spectrum of board games that you can choose to have a chill hangout with your friends while getting high. 

If you’re into role-playing games, I personally recommend that you try out an easy premade Dungeons & Dragons campaign because nothing will make your imagination fly like weed. 

What you do while being high is up to you!

These were just some general ideas; I encourage you to create your own list of fun things to do while high, whether it’s by yourself or with your friends. 

Write a list of your favorite activities and keep it close, so you’re always prepared for an impromptu smoking session or get better at planning your cannabis-infused experiences!


Author: Mary Jane


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