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CBD Bath Bombs And Salts: Take A Shower For De-stress

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Everyone has their own way to relax at the end of a rough day, and it really depends on your personal style and what you want to get from your specific method of chilling; as you already know, around these parts, a nice bowl of weed, your favorite pipe, and maybe a movie or a game, is the perfect way to do so. For other people, though, that “me” time might be a little more elaborate, as demonstrated by the popularity of baths.

Really, there’s nothing quite like setting yourself up to your neck with warm water, candles, a nice and relaxing aroma, and perhaps a cup of your favorite wine and even a book to lose yourself in, generally having a good time to recharge your energy and good mood for later. The only thing that might make them better if you could blend some weed into the mix, and guess what? There totally is.

Sure, you could go for some cannabis-infused wine, for example, or light up a joint instead of bringing some scented candles (if you don’t mind the danger of dropping a precious joint in soapy water), but with the current popularity of weed, better and more interesting options are cropping everywhere. Don’t believe us? Then what about a nice and calming CBD bath bomb? Or some weed salts? Because yeah, for the needs of self-care of everyone these days, now you have an extra option for those nights when a nice bath will fix everything. So join us and check them out!

Okay, but what are CBD bath bombs?

At this point, you are pretty well acquainted with CBD, right? One of the two main compounds that produce the high of cannabis, CBD is the more relaxing one, being popular for relieving anxiety and generally helping to keep stress down. In fact, we have talked plenty before here at HØJ about this compound and the oil you can make with it, from helping you identify the quality ones, to what are the best edibles to make with it, to even why CBD is seemingly surpassing THC in popularity with many consumers these days, and today we want to tackle a new use that might seem quite odd when you first hear about it, but makes more and more sense the more you learn about it. So, are you intrigued about them? Let’s dig into why would you like to try CBD bath bombs, and some options and tips you might keep in mind.

First of all, you know what are bath bombs, right? These are some sort of “concentrated bubble baths” that contain all sorts of fizzling elements, scents and all kinds of additives that supposedly help you relax, and all in all, give you a complete experience during an otherwise normal and boring bubble bath. You can find bath bombs for all possible moods and tastes, so it’s no wonder that cannabis, and more specifically CBD, have found their way to these products, with the idea of helping relax you even further, and even help with body aches after a workout, or a long day of manual labor. Now, the science behind this is still developing, so don’t take our word for it, but they can still be a great option to try if you are looking to shake up your bathing experience a little.

The idea is that you can absorb the CBD through your skin, which is a legitimate thing you can do, and there’s even cannabis patches for this purpose, but here is more of a passive activity where you can relax while the bath bomb do its thing. However, unlike patches, the CBD in a bath bomb can’t actually get into your bloodstream, so it’s not like you will get high from just soaking in water, but rather that it helps the effects of warm, mineralized water to fully kick-in.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that, as with any other product that will interact with your skin a lot, you just should watch out for any weird side-effects that might occur, like swelling or rashes, as some people are allergic to these kinds of applications that wouldn’t normally happen when you smoke or eat weed. So if you want to dive into CBD bath bombs, buy them from stablished brand, like Lush Cosmetics, or Bath and Body Works. Those ones are the safest, and they can practically guarantee you a good experience in your next bubble bath.

How to make your own CBD bath bombs?

Homemade bath bombs:

Actually, making your own bath bombs is not really that difficult, and this is no different for a CBD-infused one, so we will show you how make one and enjoy the best bath you will ever have right this afternoon. So, what’s the deal here? Well, to start you are going to need the following stuff, and we will explains what each does:

    • 1 cup of baking soda: The fizzing agent of your bath bomb, and actually pretty good for the skin. 
    • ½ cup of citric acid: Also good for your skin, and packed with exfoliants and antioxidants you want.
    • ½ cup of cornstarch: Binds everything together and helps to slow down the activation of all the other ingredients.
    • ½ cup of epsom salts: Salts that melt right away in the water and help soothe you in the process.
    • 2 and half teaspoons of coconut oil: A moisturizer for your skin, be sure to melt it first.
    • 8 drops of essential oils: Gives a nice aroma to the whole thing, and they mix great with the CBD oil.
    • Your favorite food colorant: Pretty self-explanatory
    • 250 ml of CBD oil: Bringer of a good time
    • 2 spoons of water: To mix everything together, obviously.


First, get some silicone molds of your favorite shapes for the final bombs. In a medium bowl, mix the baking soda, citric acid, epsom salts and cornstarch, and stir them with a whisk until they are completely combined. Then, move the whole substance to a bigger bowl and add the coconut oil and the tincture, water and your food coloring of choice. Do this slowly, very slowly, to avoid activating the fizzling agents ahead of time, and without stopping the stirring while you add everything else, until you get a very uniform goop. 

When you are finished with this, take your silicone molds and put the goop in there by hand, making sure you don’t leave any air pockets in them, and do this as soon as you can or the mixture will dry up and become useless. When you are done, let them dry for about half an hour before removing them from the mold, and then let them rest for a full 24 hours at room temperature. After that, they are done! Wrap them in cellophane to store them in a pantry or somewhere away from direct sunlight, and now you have the best bath of your life at arm’s length. Hope you enjoy them next time you need some cool, nice R&R! Until next time!


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