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The Best Books About Weed

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Many times, I think it's silly to buy marijuana. For example, since I enjoy accompanying my food with lemons, one day I decided to buy a tiny lemon tree. I stopped spending money on lemons and stopped going to the store almost every day for lemons. That is something even sometimes difficult to assimilate, knowing I have a free lemon dispensary called tree.

For people who live in the city, it is something that of course, I can get used to, but was odd in the beginning. It feels like a glitch, I mean free stuff is weird. However, it is accessible. All you need is land, seeds, and water. Something difficult to understand is why our lifestyle, greatly influenced by consumerism, does not adapt to something more intelligent. Because clearly, we adapt quickly to the predisposed reality, but it is not the best option for most of the people, not even the most profitable. I mean, what factors push a population to exist in a precarious and unhealthy population density as we can see in some regions of Asia and Latin America. Urban developments that make healthy human development impossible, a complicated existence is reflected in the life of millions.

 Many times, we lose hope and simply adapt to what is predisposed to us. We buy wrong ideas without even questioning them. We have a wrong perception of what vanguard is. However, a simply revolutionary act can change how we perceive life. Sustainable self-consumption. The man who does not isolate himself tends to a fuller life to satisfy his needs, however, what is in our ability to provide is a great opportunity to change habits for good.

Talking about food, it is already an interesting topic, now imagine sustainable-self consumption of marijuana. Of course, it depends on the country in which you live, however prudence comes first. Always keep your personal cultivation as well as your consumption. But as I said, it is not that hard to change the way you consume, there are always smarter ways. If you are interested in learning how to grow your own marijuana, here are the best books about the subject.


Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered

This expanded book includes over 300 pages of detailed information on how to grow impressive marijuana indoors. From setting up a grow room to fertilizing and training. This book covers just about every aspect of growing. And most important, it covers topics as complex as plant physiology, designated to help expert growers push their efforts even further.


The Sinsemilla Technique

Aimed at “the curious as well as the experts”, The Sinsemilla Technique explains in detail a cultivation method that has completely revolutionized the way we grow, know, and enjoy cannabis.

This technique consists of growing unpollinated female marijuana plants and obtaining large and resinous buds. Though considered the standard way to grow weed today, Sinsemilla cultivation is relatively new. This book will help you to understand and put into practice the basic of growing cannabis without seeds.


The Essential Cannabis Book

This book by Rob Mejía is the perfect manual for all the people who are interested in cannabis, but don't know anything about it. Instead of focusing solely on cultivation, Rob Mejía looks at the plant in general, what it does, the benefits it can offer, and the industry that is developing around it. This book takes such a good look at the complicated world of marijuana that is recommended to anyone that has interest in understanding better how it works.


The Cannabis Grow Bible (Third Edition)

Ask any cannabis grower, whether professional or amateur and is very probable that they have read this book at least twice. Now in its third edition, The Cannabis Growing Bible brings together all of Green's original work along with 200 pages of extra information, including new equipment and lighting system, as well as modern techniques not featured in previous editions.

If you are looking for a classic marijuana guide with just about everything there is to know about growing good weed, you have found it.


True Living Organics

The cannabis community is full of smart people interested in protecting their bodies and the environment and enlightening their spirits. Unfortunately, we know that although marijuana is a plant, the weed we buy on the street can be very unnatural. If you want to change that and grow and use organic cannabis this book is for you.

True Living Organics is written by The Rev and is possibly the only work of is kind. Unfortunately, although there are more and more consumers and growers interested in organic farming, information in this subject is very scarce. But in this book, The Rev explains all the ins and outs of growing organic, potent, and delicious marijuana indoors.

These books cover most of the aspects of the cannabis industry. As we mentioned before, it is not very difficult to change towards more sustainable and healthy habits, and with this information it is even easier. 


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