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Five Albums You Need To Hear On The 4/20 | Music and Weed


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Music and weed go together like… well, music and weed. Be it enjoying a blunt while listening to your favorite music or using some cannabis to help you get some inspiration to create music, in many cases, both are inseparable, and in the best month of the year, this relationship should be celebrated as it deserves.

So, for a wonderful 4/20, here are the five best albums to enjoy while you grind some weed, roll a couple of joints, and sit down to let the feel of pot and music wrap you on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 

These albums are special recommendations based on feel, perfect for letting them wash over you with (in many cases) songs that are difficult to categorize but are ideal for listening to with friends. In each of them, we will highlight the best song of the album if you want a quick taste of what they have to offer. 

Happy 4/20, fellow travelers!

1 - The Age of Immunology

(Vanishing Twin, 2019)

The British band Vanishing Twin is no stranger to trippy, visual, and ethereal harmonizations and vocals that simply hypnotizes a relaxed listener. All of their music is great, but if you want something to enjoy with a bowl by your side, The Age of Immunology is a great choice.

Easily the most genre-defining album on the list, describing what Vanishing Twin plays is a real challenge. However, with an adequate mindset, The Age of Immunology hits hard, with surreal, evocative images in each verse and some serious bangers that beg for a unique blend of herbs to enjoy at its full.

Best Song: “You Are Not An Island” is definitely the anthem of this album, and the accompanying music video has the surreal, evocative visuals you need to get lost with your best joint. It is a slow, moving piece of music that gets better every time you listen to it again.

2 - Discipline

(King Crimson, 1981)

Most of the conversation around the seminal, psychedelic band King Crimson centers around their masterpiece In The Court of the Crimson King (and for good reason!), so we will take this opportunity to bring attention to an album that, at the very least, equals the energy and awesomeness of that album: Discipline.

Having a more mature, more developed sound, and after a period of experimentation to grow beyond In The Court…, Discipline brings a collection of more subdued, but at the same time, more powerful songs that invite you to take them all in in a single sitting. Really, a feast of your ears and senses.

Best Song: “The Sheltering Sky”, an instrumental piece guided by a quiet but amazing guitar line that grows more and more complex as the song goes on, can be listened to on repeat for days. We recommend edibles for this one!

3 - Wake

(Dead Can Dance, 2002)

If you have ever listened to Dead Can Dance before, you know why we can’t make a list without mentioning this duo of musicians responsible for some of the most magical songs out there. Eastern influences, chants, heavy drums, and an undercurrent of mysticism that mixes sounds from all over the world in music challenging to categorize.

And for that, Wake offers a great sample of everything Dead Can Dance is: music that could be used equally as crazy dance rituals or funerary elegies; melancholic compositions that provide joy and magic in each note. If you want to make an afternoon special, look no further than this.

Best Song: “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” is a ballad full of energy that somehow doesn’t let go of the signature melancholy of the band but still invites you to dance as hard as you can. A very sugary edible might be the perfect one to enjoy with this.

4 - Hyperspace

(Beck, 2020)

Since Beck became the “slacker king” in the 90s with songs like Loser, he has evolved his technique, sound, and style a lot in the last 30 years, and his latest album is also his best one yet. Inspired by old retro arcade games, Hyperspace is an excellent mix of the classic Beck sound with some electronic flourishes.

Since everything retro is so in vogue these days, this album goes best with a simple joint, the kind you used to get back when you first started getting the taste of pot; nothing fancy, but also nice to go with a cold beer and some of your best friends.

Best Song: “Saw Lightning” is probably the song that most closely can describe the evolution of Beck over the last three decades: instantly recognizable but with a modern edge that doesn’t look out of place among modern music. The energy here will bring back your more carefree days, that’s for sure.

5 - L. W.

(King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, 2021)

Ah, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. With a name like that, you instantly know that some good pot was involved in the band's development at some point, so it’s the perfect music to enjoy this 4/20. Bringing some geek sensibilities and an interesting air of old-school psychedelic haze, KG&LW is a band you need to check out if you want a more flavorful taste in your pot and music.

That being said, if you don’t know this band, we recommend you to start with L.W., the second of a two-part album that brings a nice climax to their entire catalog, with the help of some classic instrumentation (guitars, drums, keyboards) that make this album the perfect fit if you miss the rock band era of the 70s.

Best Song: “Ataraxia” is a song that seems to have been written with a stadium full of people jumping high in mind. Seriously, you will get the impulse to raise a lighter with your friends as you listen, especially after sharing a bowl of green. The whole album is full of bangers like that, but if you want somewhere to start, this is it.

Looking for the best grinder to prepare your weed and listen to music? Look no further! We have the best selection out there; with these music recommendations, this 4/20 will be the best you ever had. 

Happy festivities!

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