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Best Weed Grinders In The Market

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Grinders have more than 100 years of use. The grinder dates back to 1905, specifically in Australia. Here, Williams Wingfield and John Balding came up with an easy way to shred tobacco, weed, and other plants. The main purpose of the first grinders were to shred herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes. 

Prior to this invention herbs were shredded using devices such as the mortar and pestle. Or by simply shredding by hand or grinding between rocks. If you see the grinder patent of Wingfield and Balding you can notice that their invention closely resembles the modern hand grinder. This confirms that the original design has largely proven reliable over the past century. This can also state a small drawback. More than a hundred years, and updates or innovation regarding grinders are scarce. Regular weed grinders don't meet modern needs, they don't even take care of your weed. You'll see, a high quality cannabis grinder guarantees a better high experience. Here we tell you how. 


Best weed grinder: KLIP takes care of your herb

In HØJ we are aware about the new modern needs grinders have to meet in order to innovate and create a better user experience. We needed to go beyond a grinder which only value added is a kief catcher. That's why we developed KLIP, a grinder that guarantees to preserve the terpenes and crystals of your weed when slicing instead of grinding the herb. Easy to use and customizable according to your needs. 


Don't grind your weed, slice it

Unlike traditional grinders, KLIP doesn’t crush the herb. Instead, custom built dual-blades finely slice through it, creating a much fluffier consistency that burns more evenly. This also protects the integrity of the crystals, resulting in more potent experience with the exact same herb. I mean, if a grinder takes care of that expensive strain you bought and allows it to keep its trichomes intact, that's a premium grinder for me.


KLIP levitates

Regular herb grinders after a little use may start to fail. Its most common problem is that the top piece always begins to get stuck due to use or due to sticky resin of marijuana. Sometimes it is even hard to twist and grind, at the same time it gets hard to open the grinder. 

Opposing magnets were the solution, these are used to literally suspend the central pin in mid-air, dramatically reducing its contact with the sides through levitation! This enables an almost frictionless turn. Unlike your current grinder that can catch, clog and break, you can easily twist KLIP with a single finger! Forget grinders that catch, clog and break - KLIP literally spins. KLIP is a high-quality grinder which solves a stoner everyday's problems. 


A customizable grinder

KLIP is a well-made grinder with features like customization, that's right it goes beyond a pollen catcher. KLIP has a patented magnetic accessory system, which allows you to effortlessly snap different control discs, collection meshes, replacement parts and the funnel straight into place. This means smooth grinding option for fine herb or coarsely cut herb. These quality materials guarantee diverse options and diversify your weed. 

KLIP is a shredder with a wide storage compartment, however, its main quality is its vanguard technology and innovative method of use. It is a perfect choice with a life guarantee, because you'll need just one for your entire life. Grinder brands exist in infinite shapes, materials and different quality levels, however, when buying a grinder the user experience will be the most important point to satisfy. 


Weed grinder Kannastör GR8TR v2: High quality herb grinder 

This 4-piece grinder comes from RYOT, this brand makes grinders, smoking accessories, tools and trays for the stylish stoner who loves new innovative gadgets. RYOT offers several lines of grinders, each of one with specific qualities for every kind of taste. They have a variety of grinders, from metal grinders to wooden grinders with unique designs. 

However, its best grinder is the GR8TR. One of the stand out features of the Kannastör GR8TR is its modular design, which allows users to customize the grinder, yeah this is also a multi-piece grinder. This grinder is made of high-quality materials, with a body constructed from aluminum and a set of sharp teeth made of hardened steel. The removable screen and sifting chamber are also made of high quality materials, ensuring that the grinder is long-lasting and able to withstand regular use. 

Grinders like the Kannastör GR8TR might be more expensive than regular grinders. However, for those who are willing to invest in a high-quality grinder, the GR8TR is definitely worth considering. 


Santa Cruz Shredder

This list would be incomplete without the Santa Cruz Shredder brand. This brand is well known and respected among stoners. They offer 4-piece, 3-piece and a solid two-piece options. These grinders are made in the USA and are crafted using a unique manufacturing process that results in a superior grinding experience. 

One of the most notable features of the Santa Cruz Shredder is its unique tooth design. Unlike traditional herb grinders, which use diamond-shaped teeth, the Santa Cruz Shredder uses rectangular-shaped teeth that are placed in a unique pattern. 

These grinders are made from high-quality materials, including medical-grade aluminum and stainless steel screens. The use of these materials ensures that the grinder is durable and long-lasting. 

Another great feature of the Santa Cruz Shredder is its range of sizes and colors. The grinder is available in several different sizes, ranging from small pocket-sized grinders to large four-piece grinders with kief catchers. 


Hemp grinders 

For me the best feature Santa Cruz offers is their hemp grinders line. They offer eco-friendly hemp shredder grinders. Santa Cruz hemp grinders are also cheaper grinders, they won't last that much, but are very affordable. Hemp grinders also come from two-piece grinders to four-piece. 

As we can see, after more than 100 years of Wingfield and Balding invention, there are just few grinders which have evolved to meet new modern needs. Grinders can me improved greatly. There are even electronic grinders, which we didn't mention because you know they lost practicality and tradition. 

However, there are few brands that revolutionized the way a grinder works, and made the user experience improvements far away better than traditional grinders. There are more features than big collection chambers or interlocking teeth. A grinder's value lies in how it takes care of your weed, how easy to use it is and how customizable it can be without stopping being simple and intuitive. 



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