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Best Weed Grinder 2023 - Best Grinder For Kief


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Grinders have more than 100 years of use. The grinder dates back to 1905, specifically in Australia. Here, Williams Wingfield and John Balding came up with an easy way to shred tobacco, cannabis, and other plants. The main purpose of the first grinders was to grind herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes. Since that moment there was always a grinder on the market, but of course, it has been changing its design over time.

Prior to this invention herbs were shredded using devices such as the mortar and pestle. Or by simply shredding by hand or grinding between rocks. If you see the grinder patent of Wingfield and Balding you can notice that their invention closely resembles the modern manual and even electric grinder. This confirms that the original design has largely proven reliable over the past century. This can also state a small drawback. More than a hundred years and updates and innovations regarding grinders are scarce, some people still ground weed the same as hundreds of years ago!

We know that regular plastic grinders (the usual and most common ones) don't meet modern needs as those really don't take care of your cannabis as you should. You'll see, that most high-quality cannabis grinders out there would guarantee you a better high experience and here you're going to learn why. We've tried several weed grinders out there to see which ones had become the top 3 quality grinders out there. So pay close attention to each one of them, at the end you'll find yourself buying one of these grinders as an investment and not as an expense. We truly believe that you only need to buy ONE GRINDER, NO MORE... and this one should last forever!

Top 3 Best Weed Grinders 2023:

1. KLIP Slicer: HØJ Herb Grinder

KLIP grinder with its cork packaging on a side
KLIP grinder with its cork packaging on a side (HØJ Media)

Protects the herb, preserves the high.

HØJ brand is 100% focused on customer experience which means all its products were designed to meet the modern needs of stoners.  HØJ truly knows that innovation is the key to creating a better user and smoking experience. When they created KLIP, they thought about going beyond a simple grinder with a kief catcher, that's why they called it KLIP slicer instead of "grinder".  The main focus when developing KLIP was to change the grinder's engineering to prioritize preserving the terpenes and crystals of your weed by slicing the herb instead of grinding it, to preserve the great effects of the herb and give you the best high experience possible.

Don't grind your weed, slice it instead!

Unlike traditional grinders, this stainless steel grinder (KLIP) doesn’t crush the herb. Instead, with its custom-built dual blades finely slice through it, getting your weed to an even consistency, fluffier to burn evenly. This also protects the integrity of the crystals, resulting in a more potent experience with the exact same herb, so you can get the most out of your buds. I mean, if a grinder takes care of that expensive strain you bought and allows it to keep its trichomes intact, that's a must for a premium grinder for me.

KLIP grinder with blades and funnel
KLIP grinder with blades and funnel (HØJ Media)
Open black KLIP slicer
Open black KLIP slicer (HØJ Media)

KLIP blades levitate with magnets

Being a 4-piece weed grinder with magnets is truly the best idea ever! Magnets help the grinder mechanism to work better and make life simpler for you. Regular herb grinders after a little use may start to fail. Its most common problem is that the top piece always begins to get stuck due to use or due to the sticky resin of marijuana. Sometimes it is even hard to twist and grind, at the same time it gets hard to open the grinder.

Opposing magnets were the solution, these are used to literally suspend the central pin in mid-air, dramatically reducing its contact with the sides through levitation! This enables an almost frictionless turn. Unlike your current grinder that can catch, clog and break, you can easily twist KLIP with a single finger! Forget grinders that catch, clog and break - KLIP literally spins. KLIP is a high-quality grinder that solves a stoner everyday's problems.

Lifetime warranty and easy to clean grinder

KLIP's main quality is its vanguard technology and innovative method of use. HØJ is sure that their KLIP grinder would be the last grinder you'll need offering a lifetime warranty with it, they assure you that its high-quality assembly and materials would truly last forever, so don't wait any longer and take advantage of it.

Grinders exist in infinite shapes, materials, and different quality levels, however, when buying a grinder you'll need to make sure the user experience will be the most important point to satisfy. One of the pain points of most grinders that KLIP has fixed for you is how easy it is to clean this grinder. You just need to separate KLIP parts from one another and soak them all in isopropyl alcohol for up to 30 minutes, then wipe them down with a dry cloth, and afterward leave your KLIP to dry for 10-15 minutes. Easy as that!

A customizable grinder with kief catcher

This grinder is great! KLIP is a well-made grinder with features like customization, that's right it goes beyond a kief catcher. Even though KLIP is considered to be a 4-piece grinder it can become a 3-piece one by simply removing the middle chamber making it smaller and fully customizable to adapt your needs. KLIP has a patented magnetic accessory system, which allows you to effortlessly snap different control discs, collection meshes, replacement parts, and the funnel straight into place. This means a smooth grinding option to get your marijuana texture as you want... get a fine, medium, or coarsely cut herb in seconds! Its quality materials guarantee diverse options and diversify your weed.

Spare parts: Transfer funnel and blades

/products/klip-friends-bundleKLIP's grinder funnel and blades as spare parts, offer a range of benefits that enhance the grinding experience and ensure its long-lasting functionality. 

The KLIP grinder funnel, is designed to simplify the grinding process by providing a convenient and mess-free solution. It allows users to effortlessly transfer ground herbs from the grinder to storage containers or other accessories like directly to the pipe you'll smoke weed, this will minimize waste and ensure a seamless workflow, no matter how mini your pipe bowl is. The funnel's ergonomic design ensures precise pouring, eliminating the need for any additional tools or cleanup. With the KLIP transfer funnel, users can enjoy a hassle-free grinding experience while maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

In addition, KLIP also offers high-quality spare blades that guarantee exceptional performance and durability. KLIP blades are crafted from premium materials, ensuring precision cutting and efficient grinding. These replacement blades are designed specifically for the KLIP grinder, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal functionality. By investing in spare parts like the KLIP blades, users can extend the lifespan of their grinder and maintain its peak performance over time. 

The advantage of these KLIP spare parts offered as additionals in HØJ's online store, is that you don't need to purchase a brand new grinder each time, just replace its blades and that's it! You'll have a grinder in optimal conditions all the time!

Want to get the grinder + funnel + extra blades for less money? Get KLIP & Friends bundle and save up to 12% when buying the slicer and its spare parts together.

KLIP transfer funnel
KLIP transfer funnel (HØJ Media)
KLIP blades
KLIP blades (HØJ Media)

2. Kannastör GR8TR V2: High-quality weed grinder 

Kannastör GR8TR V2 black grinder
Kannastör GR8TR V2 black grinder (RYOT Media)

This 4-piece grinder comes from RYOT, this brand makes grinders, smoking accessories, tools, and trays for the stylish stoner who loves new innovative gadgets. RYOT offers several lines of grinders, each of them with specific qualities for every kind of taste. They have a variety of grinders, from metal grinders to wooden grinders with unique designs.

Our choice of the best one is the Kannastör GR8TR V2 Grinder, a premium-quality herb grinder designed to provide an exceptional grinding experience for dry herbs. With its innovative features and precision engineering, it has become a top choice for herb enthusiasts.

Exceptional grinding: Modular design

Kannastör GR8TR V2 Grinder comes in a modular design which allows it to become customizable with interchangeable plates and chambers, making it also like a multi-piece grinder. Its micro teeth and deep dish chamber also help its grinding technology by providing a consistent, fine grind. Maximize flavor, aroma, and potency with optimal grinding.

Easy to use and freshly storage

The GR8TR V2 grinder comes with an easy changeover and storage system, this makes you effortlessly swap chambers and preserve herb freshness in the same container you've grind it. Here are some basic steps on how to use this grinder so you get the idea when we say it's an "easy-to-use" grinder:

  • Disassemble and Customize: Choose the desired plate and assemble the grinder.
  • Load Herb: Fill the grinder chamber with your flower bud, even with very dry herbs it works.
  • Grind: Rotate the lid to shred the herb into a fine consistency.
  • Optional Sifting: Collect kief using the mesh sifting chamber if desired.
GR8TR silver grinder
GR8TR silver grinder
GR8TR pink grinder
GR8TR pink grinder

High quality and durability

This is a great reason behind choosing GR8TR V2 grinder, its exceptional build quality is great! This grinder was crafted from high-grade materials for durability. Materials are made to last longer than regular grinders, with a body constructed from aluminum and a set of sharp teeth made of hardened steel it had proven great consistent results when grinding.  The removable screen and sifting chamber are also made of high-quality materials, ensuring that the grinder is long-lasting and able to withstand regular use. GR8TR delivers a uniform grind for optimal heat distribution.

The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Grinder is recognized online as one of the best weed grinders out there, offering a premium grinding experience. Its exceptional features, durability, versatility, and ability to collect kief make it the ultimate choice for herb enthusiasts. Grinders like the Kannastör GR8TR might be more expensive than regular grinders. However, for those who are willing to invest in a high-quality grinder, the GR8TR is definitely worth considering.

3. Santa Cruz Shredder: 4-piece grinder

Santa Cruz Shredder black grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder black grinder

When you're looking for the best grinder on the market, Santa Cruz Shredder grinder stands out as a brand renowned and respected among stoners. With their range of 4-piece grinders, including the option for a solid two-piece or 3-piece grinder, Santa Cruz Shredder offers a superior grinding experience. Made in the USA using a unique manufacturing process, these grinders are designed to meet all your grinder needs while ensuring durability and functionality. In this case we've chosen the 4-piece grinder they offer as the best one.

Unique tooth design for optimal grinding

The Santa Cruz Shredder sets itself apart with its distinctive tooth design. Unlike traditional grinders, the Santa Cruz Shredder features rectangular-shaped teeth strategically placed in a unique pattern. This design allows for efficient and precise grinding, ensuring a consistent grind every time.

High-quality materials and durability

Crafted from high-quality materials such as medical-grade aluminum and stainless steel screens, Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are built to last. The use of these premium materials ensures the grinder's durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

Suits your preferences

Santa Cruz Shredder offers a diverse range of sizes and colors to cater to individual preferences. Whether you prefer a small pocket-sized grinder for on-the-go use or a larger four-piece grinder with a kief catcher, you can find the perfect size and style to match your needs.

Santa Cruz Shredder green grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder green grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder purple grinder
Santa Cruz Shredder purple grinder 

Hemp grinder collection

If you're a fan of hemp rolling papers like HAMP, you should definitely take a look at these hemp grinders!

Besides the traditional 4-piece grinder, Santa Cruz Shredder offers other affordable and eco-friendly options like its hemp grinders line stands out as an eco-friendly and affordable alternative. These hemp shredder grinders provide an eco-conscious option while still maintaining functionality and convenience. Available in various sizes, ranging from two-piece to four-piece grinders, they offer an affordable choice for those seeking a budget-friendly grinder option. If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to get high, you can consider getting yourself a hemp grinder too besides your hemp rolling papers.

Santa Cruz Shredder offers the best grinder experience with its unique tooth design, high-quality materials, and a range of sizes and colors to suit individual preferences. Whether you choose their traditional 4-piece grinders or opt for the eco-friendly hemp grinder line, Santa Cruz Shredder delivers on functionality, durability, and customization. Upgrade your grinding experience with Santa Cruz Shredder and enjoy the convenience and precision it provides while taking care of your weed.

So... Which Is The Best Weed Grinder?

As we can see, after more than 100 years of Wingfield and Balding's invention, there are just a few grinders that have evolved to meet new modern needs. Grinders can be greatly improved. There are even electric grinders out there which we didn't mention any as we know most of them had lost practicality and tradition.

However, you've now seen that there are actually brands that have revolutionized the way grinders work and made huge user experience improvements, far away better than traditional grinders. We conclude that HØJ, RYOT, and Santa Cruz Shredder are the ones that accomplished this evolution in the best way possible with their grinder inventions.

But let's choose the best weed grinder now for sure... the truth is that KLIP slicer is the best one as it meets totally all and each one of my stoner's needs, but we know this might seem a bit expensive to some people so if you're not looking to spend that much in a grinder, Santa Cruz Shredder would be definitely a second option. But wait, if you're still hesitant about buying KLIP or not, remember their lifetime warranty and consider this an investment and not an expense, we're sure you'll not regret it. Remember a grinder's value lies in how it takes care of your weed and how easy is to use it and clean it without stopping being simple and intuitive.

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