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KLIP: A Grinder that Doesn’t Grind


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The Benefits of Slicing the Herb

Does grinding weed make it less potent?

Herb grinders have been used for thousands of years to extract aromatics from traditional herbs and tobacco through a teeth system, grinding the plants to compress and mulch them down. This works well for many herbs, where the aromatics are found inside the leaves. However, in a cannabis plant, the trichomes containing CBD and THC lie on the outside.

This means that, when you grind cannabis, a lot of these trichomes fall off the leaves or get stuck in the cutting chambers as oil. Consequently, much THC is lost and the potency of your high is reduced. Plus, compressing the flower leaves a smaller surface area to burn and a lumpy, inconsistent product. This means it burns at differing rates for a less even burn and a more inconsistent experience (known as “canoeing”). That’s why you often have to spark the areas burning unevenly; a solution that leads to an unnecessary loss of herb, potency, and flavour. In short, there are a lot of cons to grinding weed and not many cons!

Our founder, Simon, was tired of using cheap, generic grinders that look rubbish, were often clogged, and were damaging his herb. He began thinking about how to fundamentally reimagine the grinder for the first time in over 110 years - creating something designed exclusively for cannabis. Guided by traditional Danish design principles, the result was KLIP: a revolutionary new grinder, that doesn’t even grind!

How To Make Your Weed Stronger?

Instead, KLIP’s dual-blade system cuts the flower, leaving many more trichomes intact and producing a fluffy, consistent density of herb by avoiding its compression. Importantly, this means a greater and more even surface area for the smoothest burn you’ve ever experienced. While grinding packs the herb too tight, KLIP stacks them slightly apart so the air can flow more easily and heat transfers far more smoothly. Plus, by leaving more trichomes intact, you get a noticeably more potent high with the exact same herb! Having its own kief catcher is a great advantage KLIP has over other 4-piece grinders. The kief you'll get from your cannabis buds would totally elevate your smoking experience. Seriously. Science really is cool!

KLIP Innovations: Best Weed Grinder

KLIP is also cleverly designed around a central pin that, unlike a teeth mechanism, channels the motion of each twist through it to utilize centripetal force and amplify the power. KLIP has been considered the "Best Grinder" by Herb in 2022.  This is the same force that means you can throw a ball further when swinging it around your head on a string, compared to throwing one normally. Furthermore, one of the two blades is suspended in mid-air through the use of opposing magnets that literally enable it to levitate! Combined, these innovations deliver an almost frictionless experience that eases the strain on the wrist and slices the herb extremely quickly.

KLIP grinder pieces
KLIP grinder pieces​​ (HØJ Media)
Hands holding KLIP grinder close
Hands holding KLIP grinder close​​

KLIP: Best Grinder for Kief

There are many more patented innovations inside KLIP - from the magnetic accessory system to its easy-clean design - however, what truly sets it apart is that it was inspired by, and designed for, the herb. So, put down your tobacco grinders for good, and join the herbal revolution today! This is absolutely the best grinder for kief money can buy! Here you can learn why is better to buy a grinder like KLIP slicer, which includes its own kief catcher, I'm sure you'll not regret it!

Author: Archie K.


With so much backward thinking nowdays ,its nice to see marijuana accessories making the transition into the Future.Love your Products. Keep up the Good work Fellas! Thanks

Wallace Ahumada

I’m looking forward to ordering your grinder as soon as they are back in stock.

Daniel Cross

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