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How To Light A Joint Properly And Fix It When It Burns Unevenly


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We know that there are many different ways to enjoy cannabis. However, smokers may agree that there is nothing like the joint ritual. You know, grab your bag of cannabis, grind it, take out a high-quality rolling paper and roll a nice joint. You can light up whenever you want. And is perfect to share and hang out with your friends.

Smoking weed is such an experience, and more when you are with your friends. If you are with a group of people and someone takes out a joint, avoid making a fool of yourself. There is a protocol, rules all stoners respect, ranging from how to light a joint properly to how to pass the joint and what to do if the joint burns unevenly. There are many factors that influence whether the joint lights well or not. Keep reading to find out how to properly manage a joint.

How to light a joint properly?

As we already mentioned your joint may be hard to light depending on your weed and how you roll. You must take into consideration if your weed is too wet or too dry. Also if you roll a joint too tight or too loose. After gathering your supplies and grinding you must prepare your rolling paper, and you are ready to roll. ¿What is the easiest way to roll? Take your rolling paper and place it between your fingers, the gummed edge should be facing up, away from you. Insert your filter into one end of the rolling paper before proceeding. 

Then, fill the paper, place the cannabis in the center of the rolling paper, and make sure not to overfill the paper. Once you have done this, use your fingers to gently roll the cannabis into a cylindrical shape, with the paper on the bottom and the gummed edge on the top. 

Then, tuck the paper, using your thumbs and index fingers, and tuck the bottom edge of the paper up and over the cannabis, while at the same time rolling the paper between your fingers. Once the paper has been tucked, lick the gummed edge of the paper and stick it to the rest of the paper. Twist the excess paper at the end of the joint.

man lighting a joint close up
How a man lights a joint (Envato Elements)​​
woman lighting a joint
Woman lighting a joint​​ (Envato Elements)

Now you can light your joint. Take the tip of the joint with your teeth, bite it, twist the tip, and take it away. You can also burn the edge and remove the tip. Now, lighting a joint evenly is what we are looking forward to. You should avoid butane lightershemp wick is healthier. Before inhaling, you should just fire the edge and then inhale as you light. 

Now, put the joint in your mouth, to perfectly light it rotate the joint as you inhale so it can burn evenly. As you start lighting it avoid big hits, just take small fast hits. Look at the joint and see how it is going. Make sure the joint is burning evenly. Repeat the process, the joint rotation in your mouth is important.

Sometimes even if you do this the joint might burn unevenly. Some people may spoil the joint and this is so awkward when you pass it fine and they return it to you all uneven. Don't worry, we tell you how to rapidly fix it.

You can’t light your joint?

Let’s see how to fix a joint if it burns unevenly.

As we mentioned before, there is a code of how to smoke, what to do, and what to avoid. Spoiling the joint is the last thing we want, however, it happens. But don't worry we got you. First, we all have been through that situation when the joint can't be lighted, it is because the weed is too wet or the joint too tight. Here is a pro tip for that situation. 

With a toothpick make a hole in the center of the joint, and insert the toothpick from top to bottom, towards the filter. Just watch out so you don't break the joint. This will create a turbine effect so the air can flow easier, and no matter how tight it is, the joint will burn perfectly.

Fix a joint with saliva

Make the joint burn evenly with saliva. If the joint starts to burn unevenly just put together your index finger with your thumb, and fingerprint with fingerprint, like making the "okay" sign or "nice". Then take both fingers without separating them to your mouth, and put saliva between your both fingerprints. When you separate your fingers you will notice a line thin line of saliva that you can easily put like a ring around the uneven area of the joint.

You can also just, lick your finger and put saliva on the area that is uneven. If you are smoking with a group of people avoid smoking before fixing it. Also ash it before passing it, another important rule is to avoid passing the roach. 

Joint or blunt, these rules are always current in every place on earth. These are the best ways to light a joint and fix a joint. Hope you always have an even light.

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

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