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How to Use a Lighter Without Burning Yourself

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There are no dumb questions when your goal is to learn. If you wonder how to use a lighter without burning yourself, it is because you have had some accidents when you want to enjoy your bowl but the position of your hand is not the best. Even the most experienced smokers have gone through this situation, with the flame ending up touching the skin. As a consequence, they can't leave the flame long enough to create smoke and hit it correctly.

With time and experience you can find something that works for you. However, in this article we will teach you an easy technique that will solve this issue once and for all.

How to use a lighter without burning yourself

Simply grab you lighter as if it was laying down, similar to when you grab a bike’s handlebars. The sparkwheel or button ⎯⎯depending on what type of lighter you’re using⎯⎯ should be facing your way, so your thumb can comfortably press or switch it on. This works for both left handed and right handed. Like this, the flame goes up and your fingers are far enough to be safe from the heat. Also, it is easy to light your bowl with your hands in this position.

You could consider using alternatives to the lighter as well, that are somehow much better in other aspects than the typical butane flame and can be used with other smoking devices or methods of your preference. Here, we have two options that are great to light a bowl without burning yourself:

  • Hemp wick: hemp has offered us hundreds of good things, and this is one of them. Made from hemp fiber, this tool has been coated in a beeswax layer so it can act like a slow-burning candlestick when lit. Hemp wick has become a popular alternative for bongs, pipes, and joints to light up since it is marketed as a natural, old school alternative to lighters or matches. In this sense, it is a reliable option among cannabis users who want to be more environmentally friendly and health-conscious when they blaze up their hemp wick dipped in beeswax.
  • Electronic flame-free lighters: these types of lighters are still unknown for many users but they are super cool. Known for being wind-proof or flame-free lighters, these are designed to light up the tip of a joint or a cannabis pipe with plasma coils or arcs that reach incredibly high temperatures to be a device without fire. Many are battery powered, so you can use a charger instead of just getting rid of them after a while, and their lack of flame makes them a little safer for your fingers, which is what you are looking for in the first place. You can find a wide range of models on the internet, so just choose one that fits your needs.

Both alternatives are good for you, your health, the environment, and are equally effective. Butane gas helps the flame to burn at a very high temperature when you use a regular lighter to smoke marijuana. Therefore, the smoke is even hotter as you inhale, burns off more cannabinoids and terpenes, and you inhale the butane in your lungs with it. The same goes for matches, since you inhale a mixture of glue, wood, and chemicals that ensure they light up, yet they allow a much cleaner flame when you use them compared to lighters.

From now on it is up to you. Take care of your fingers and try out these methods when you have your bowl packed ready to light it up.

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