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How to Roll a Giant Joint


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After many years of smoking, you may have been curious enough to discover what you could do with your weed, taking more significant steps with creativity and skills to roll the weirdest and eccentric joints. Moreover, that impulse increases when you are with a group of friends you want to have a good time with.

Every cannabis user has probably wondered what would happen if you roll a fat and giant joint, or if it is possible at all. Fortunately, it is possible and not too different from rolling a regular-sized one. Furthermore, some stores sell XL rolling papers to make the task easier. 

The good thing about fat and huge joints is that they are easier to roll and look nicer and maintain their structure better if you need to put it out so you can relight, for example. Also, as it has more product, it tastes more like weed and less like paper and can get more friends high in a group session.

How to Roll a Giant Joint

There is no need to find something from the essential tools you would typically use to roll one to roll a giant joint.


  • A  KLIP  or grinder of your preference
  • XL rolling paper or several regular-sized papers
  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • An oversized filter or four regular ones
  • Small clear tape


  • Step 1:  Grab a couple of nugs and break them down with your hands first, so you ease the grinding process. Place them between the teeth and twist about 10 or 12 times. Leave it aside until you prepare your rolling paper and filter.
  • Step 2: Prepare your rolling paper(s). In case you don’t have the XL size rolling paper, proceed to stick together the regular one according to the size of the joint you are going for, taking into account length and width. You can use four papers, two side to side plus two more above those, and let them dry for a couple of minutes before beginning.

Note: Up to six regular-sized rolling papers are okay, but they will be harder to roll and are not stable. Moreover, you would be wasting more product that won’t burn correctly due to the amount of weed loaded inside.

  • Step 3: If you already managed to have a big filter tip, just keep it near you. However, when you don’t have one, you can roll 3 or 4 of these and put them together with the glue strip of a rolling paper or clear tape, forming either a triangle or a square. Since you won’t light up the filter tip, there shouldn’t be any problem with the taped plastic and chemicals burning.
  • Step 4: First, fold in half your rolling paper, forming a slight V shape. This way, you will place the pieces of ground-up weed easily, and you should grab it in the middle correctly without accidents happening. Start putting the product inside to increase the amount upwards, so you form a cone shaped joint up to the center. Remember to leave room for the filter tip.
  • Step 5: Put the filter tip in the narrower side where there’s less weed and start tightening from there. As you may know, it serves you as a useful guide for the rest of the rolling process. Once you roll it completely, you should have something similar to a telescope with one-half full and the other half empty.
  • Step 6: Lastly, put more product and pack until you fill the rest of the joint. Don’t pack too tight because you still need airflow inside the joint, even though it has a big size. When you have approximately 1 inch left, twist the tip and light it up. 

Voilà! You have a fat joint to enjoy by yourself or with a group of friends. It is a massive piece worth trying at least once to change the routine and have fun. Sometimes it is better no to take it so seriously. You would be surprised by what one can do with the simple. 

If you already know how to roll a joint, this perfected skill has more possibilities to take advantage of, and it is not necessarily to show off in front of people at a party. There are stoners out there who have learned how to roll a joint and have transformed it into an art form, making unique creations that are smokeable. Just  grab your bud and a pack of papers and let your creativity flow freely.

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