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How to Roll a Perfect Joint Like a Pro

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If you are not a pipe user, probably you have asked yourself how to roll a perfect blunt, as sometimes it can get kind of tricky. It definitely requires some experience!

If you want to impress everyone while having a good moment with friends, or you simply want to get better at rolling a joint and avoiding all the mess that can come with it, this is the article for you.


How to Roll a Perfect Joint: What Do You Need to Learn This Art?

Let’s begin from the beginning. The materials will make for sure an impact on what you get, since they will make a difference in the level of difficulty and the quality you’ll obtain while rolling your blunt and when you smoke it.


Rolling paper

There are many options you can find when it comes to rolling papers, and they all have their benefits.

Some of the most popular materials are rice, wood and hemp. Each of those will give your blunt a different sensation and experience:

Rice paper: is thinner and flavorless, which will let you enjoy the taste of your weed. The problem with this one is that it tends to break, which might not be the best option if you really want a perfect shaped and comfortable to smoke blunt.

Wood pulp paper: if you are still trying to figure out how to roll your joints properly and you have not much experience, this kind of paper might help you, since is thick and simple to manipulate. Nonetheless, it can have a slightly weird taste coming from the chemicals on it. Another characteristic is that it will take longer to burn.

Hemp paper: hemp is the part of the plant of cannabis that is used for its fiber. This material makes an excellent rolling paper because it doesn’t affect the flavor of your weed and also it is unlikely to break as the rice paper does, while giving you a nice and even hit where you won’t feel the paper.  

Another important part of choosing one is to get the right size. If you are not such an expert, we would recommend you to get a bigger size, so it’s less complicated to use.



Using a grinder is a very good idea if you want your joint to be more stable and to not pop or burnt in an unevenly way. There are grinders of all kinds, but the ones with three compartments are a nice option, since they can keep your kief in a special camera. It’s a good idea as well to be aware of the friction of the twist —a heavier one can potentially hurt you—. KLIP is a good option in this sense because it works with magnets, which make it softer and effective. It also slices instead of crushing the herb, a characteristic that helps to keep more of the THC present in your weed and makes the consistency fluffier.


Cigarette Rolling Machine

If you feel that your skills are definitely not that good, a cigarette rolling machine will make the trick. It will help you with the trickiest part of the process so you don’t have to worry or spend a lot of time trying to joint a blunt correctly.

But what is a cigarette rolling machine and how does it work? It is a small device that is generally very portable and can has a pocket size. We will talk about the simplest ones here, although there are very advanced options that are most for tobacco and other uses.

For the weed ones, you can get one of the most simple machines in the market. For that you have to place the paper on the two rolls and then, put the weed in the middle of it. After that, all you need to do is add the filter, if you want to use it, and twist the rolls in the right direction.


Of Course, Your Weed

The main part is here: you would need to find a good product. To know your weed is good you can check for the look of it (it needs to be fresh, with vibrant colors), for a good and strong fragrance, the amount of trichomes (the plant’s appendages that contain the substances that causes the effects, flavor and taste), and the flower structure.   


Put Your Hands to Work: Steps to roll a joint

Now that you have everything you need, is time to work! This are the steps you can take to prepare a joint that won’t fall apart or be too loose and uneven.

  • STEP 1: Grind your weed with your hands or your grinder. Try to get smaller parts for a more balanced joint that will maker your smoke session easier.


  • STEP 2: Grab your paper and make sure to use the sticky part up. Now, take your weed and put it in the edge of your wrapper, leaving a small space for rolling. Don’t use too much weed or you could have more trouble with your blunt. 


  • STEP 3: Now you are ready to roll and seal. For this, start at the end of the paper and wrap it with your thumbs slowly and carefully. Tuck it tightly and lick the end of the paper to moisten it and seal the joint. 


  • STEP 4: Use a stick or some other small tool to make the weed more compact within your blunt. You could also use your finger.


  • STEP 5: Twist the end of the joint.


And that’s it! You have your perfect joint now. If is not the best at the first attempt, don’t get discouraged, as you would probably need to practice more to get the right tightness and materials. Also knowing how to roll a perfect blunt is possible if you follow these tips. Remember that if you feel like rolling joints isn’t for you, there are always alternatives that might suit you better, like different kind of pipes and other accessories that can make your smoking experience better and help you become the smoker you always wanted to be. The most important thing is to make the most advantage of your weed and enjoy the flavor and smell at its best. 


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