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How to Roll a Slow-Burning Joint

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Everyone knows how special it is to be able to roll your own joints. However, even if you have a perfect cone-shaped joint, there is something you don’t have control over: how fast it burns out.

A joint should have a form that allows it to burn uniformly for a smooth smoke, but it takes skill to roll a good one. Moreover, having a slow-burning joint is something that can only be achieved by following specific steps. Learn here how to roll a slow-burning joint to enjoy for a longer time with friends.

How to Roll a Slow Burning Joint

You will have to follow some simple tips to roll a slow-burning joint. From grinding to loading, every step counts. 

Use Quality Cannabis Flower

An adequately cured cannabis flower will burn very slowly, allowing you to enjoy its tasty flavors and effects. In contrast, a dry or old bud will consume itself quickly to enjoy your joint.

Make sure to buy from reputable establishments since it is the best way to make sure you have a slow-burning joint. This won’t only make it last longer but will also save you some money.

Grind Your Herb Properly

While grinding is not rocket science, you do need the right consistency to roll a slow-burning joint. Grind your herb evenly and fine without crushing it to powder. The fluffier, the better, as your joint will have more airflow.

To properly grind your herb, use a proper grinder. For instance, a KLIP won’t crush your buds but slice through them to create fluffy ground cannabis. The best part of this grinder is that it has three different blade sizes. This way, you get to decide which one is better to have a slow-burning joint.

Use the Right Rolling Paper

Depending on the material of your rolling paper, it will burn slower or faster. There are several brands offering quality rolling papers of all sizes and materials, and each one of them is perfect for your specific needs.

In this sense, it is known that rice and hemp rolling papers have a slow and moderate burning rate, respectively. However, you can always ask your budtender about the best paper to roll a slow-burning joint.

Layer Your Joint

You can use extra paper to make your joint burn slower. The reason behind this is that using more than one paper will prevent burn runs from ruining your joint. Moreover, your joint will have better airflow when using a second paper.

Control the Airflow

Rolling a slow-burning joint comes down to this simple point. If there are air bubbles inside your joint, it will burn faster. For this reason, you have to make sure you roll a tight joint- You can easily do this by tapping the tip of your joint against the surface once you have packed it.

If you are a novice, you can opt for the canoe method. Fold a rolling paper in half and twist the folded side of one of the ends into a cone. The twisted end will contain your herb, allowing you to focus on rolling tight. On the other hand, don’t roll it too tight, as you will restrict airflow.

In case you have difficulties rolling a tight joint, use a rolling machine or ask for help. It is better to have a slow-burning joint, even if it is not yours, than a quickly gone spliff. 

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