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How To Rehydrate Your Dry Buds

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 Sometimes marijuana can dry out and lose its aroma and flavor when stored for a long time. If this has happened to you, I will tell you more about more than one effective solution to rehydrate your buds.


Make dry buds look, taste, and smell like fresh new exotic buds

If the marijuana you have stored for a long time is very dry and has lost aroma and flavor, there is a solution! We give you some tips to hydrate your weed effectively. These tips are pretty helpful, simple, and inexpensive tricks you can do easily.

It might happen to anyone; when you open the container where you are storing your weed, you can find that the buds are too dry and unappetizing to taste. In some cases, we can acquire cheap streams, and the quality might be bad, but these tricks also apply to revive and improve the quality of any kind of weed.

There are two main reasons for this problem: weed has been stored for too long. And it has been stored in a place too dry and with a high temperature. We should not make the mistake of thinking that weed that is too dry is no longer useful, because there is something we can do to rehydrate it.

Obviously, it will never have the same organoleptic properties as fresh and well-stored cannabis because the environment and the curation process influence the quality of weed. There are some essential factors to take into consideration. It is important to avoid light on the flowers. Avoid moisture and high temperatures, as well as a delicate drying process.

However, with these tips we are giving you, you will have weed with a great aroma and flavor that will produce effects similar to those of fresh cannabis.

Now we will see the best tricks to hydrate weed buds that are too dry and make them look fresh and appetizing.


Orange peel

For this way of hydrating weed you will only need fresh Orange peels. It is one of the most popular ways because it is very practical, and it is a piece of fruit that is commonly consumed. Just put some fresh orange peels in a glass container along with your dried weed buds.

The amount of orange peel will depend on the amount of weed you want to rehydrate. Leave the peel in the closed container for a few hours before removing it.

One of the main disadvantages of buds that are too dry is that they can have less flavor. Thanks to the orange's peel, this problem will be solved since it favors the increased taste of the dried weed.

You must be careful not to leave the weed too long in the container with the peel because they can get too wet, and even mold can form due to excess moisture. So leave it for two hours and check it. If you see that it is still not too wet, leave it a couple of hours more but not much longer.


Apple peel

In addition to the famous orange peel, there are other products that you can easily find in your fridge that can also be used to moisten very dry weed buds.

Apple is another of the most commonly used remedies to rehydrate very dry buds; some even prefer it to orange peel. This is because apples do not have the aromatic oils that citrus fruit such as oranges contain.

Anyway, the process is the same; just leave some apple peel in a glass jar with the dry buds. Check them every two hours so the buds don't get too wet.


Bread slices

White bread is another popular method of rehydrating weed. However, caution should be taken into consideration when using it because bread contains yeast, which can cause mold to grow.

To hydrate weed buds with white bread, just take a slice and put it inside the container with the marijuana. You must leave the weed with the bread for the whole night.


Paper towel

Paper towel is also another method for moistening dry marijuana buds. It is especially a great option if you don't have the ingredients we mentioned above. You have to take a small piece of moistened paper towel and put it on top of the container.

Then, you should put the lid on and leave it for a few hours. You have to be careful that the paper towel does not rub the buds because it will stick. This trick can be done by putting a plastic bag with moistened kitchen paper in the container. You only have to make a few small holes in the plastic bag to escape the humidity.

When you perform this hack, your weed will be more hydrated, and the moisture from the paper will be transferred to the buds. This trick is popularly known as “moisture bombs” and gives good results when the amount of dried weed is high.


Cotton balls

In the same way, as with paper towels, moistened cotton balls can also help rehydrate very dry cannabis in a pretty easy way. You only have to take a cotton ball and moisten it for this trick. Then, put it in an aluminum foil to which some holes must have been made previously.

Then, you must put it in a jar with the dry marijuana and leave it for a few hours. Afterward, you will have to remove the cotton and the aluminum foil, and the buds will have more vitality and be more humidified.

As you can see, it is easy to improve your buds and add some flavor. You can experiment with any other fruit peel, bananas, grapefruits, and even some freshly harvested buds are very useful to rehydrate dry buds.

Of course, if your buds are very old and dry, these tricks don't work that much when they are brown and yellow. Anyway, I hope these simple tricks will help you to get the most out of your dried buds and that you will enjoy consuming them as if they were fresh new buds.


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