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The Difference Between Slicing And Grinding Your Weed: What Is Better?

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For an experienced pothead, building your taste and preferences is one of the best parts of this hobby; getting your preferred strains, and selecting the best method to prepare your weed is wonderful, and keeps the cannabis culture diverse and interesting, because you will always have a new thing to try or discover.

However, this also means that there will always be an opinion about the best way to make the most of your weed; what preparation methods maintain the essence of this herb intact, and how much flavor and high you can get with a specific technique for everything, from making joints, to prepare cannabutter, to extract the most oil out of this plant.

And case in point: what is the best method to prepare your weed for a joint, grinding or slicing it down? Lots and lots of debate have been shouted across the countless living rooms, trying to settle once and for all this most important matter. And being the experts we are in all things weed, here at HØJ want to run down some of the pros and cons, and give our take on the matter. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Grinding, pros and cons

One can argue that grinding weed is the traditional way to do it, from the old “coin and container” method that many newbie potheads needed to do to not raise suspicions from their parents, to fine grinders that promise to prepare the finest, most perfect cannabis imaginable. But, is all there is to it?

The pros:

  • It’s very practical.

And that’s basically why grinding your weed is so popular; it really requires no science during the process, and you can do it with pretty much anything laying around (although we wouldn’t recommend it). However, in terms of investment (be it money or time), it’s really a no-brainer.


  • It’s cleaner.

You want the lingering smell of weed in your fingers? Because if not, grinding saves you a lot of trouble, unlike other methods like finger chopping.


  • The best method to get hash.

Some fancier grinders have special chambers to collect all the grounded weed after you finish grinding it, and you can use all that leftover trichomes to make some really fancy (and powerful) kief, if you clean your grinder every month or so. Remember, it is good to not waste anything!


  • It results in finer weed.
Do you like your weed chunky? No? Then grinding is the answer, as it guarantees a fine weed that will not clog your bong or pipe of preference.

    The cons:

    • You can use too much weed.

    When it comes to making the most out of your weed, and want to make a bag last longer, then grinding is not the answer, as you will inevitably use too much of it (especially if very finely ground) in a joint or pipe. Easier to control how much you use with bigger chunks!


    • They can waste the trichomes.

    The small, crystal-like balls of resin that grow all over your plant are called trichomes, and they pack a punch. However, when grinding weed, it is easy to lose them, especially if you are not using a multi-chamber tool, so if you know how to value them, a grinder might not be the best.


    • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a real risk.
    Depending on your day job, how much you use the computer, and how much weed you use on a daily basis, a grinder is very rough on the wrists, and for some people that is a no-go. So before selecting a method, consider if that could bother you.

      Slicing, pros and cons

      Okay, but what about slicing your cannabis? There are many benefits to it, and we at HØJ recommend this method due to the following reasons, so if you are interested in trying something new, you should know that…

      The pros:

      • A better texture.

      Grinding your weed obviously crushes the plant, and in the process can make the texture flat and difficult to work with, especially with certain pipes and types of joints.


      • It makes for more evenly burning weed.

      With a slicing method, the weed gets cut down to more manageable chunks, that burn more evenly and keep the flavor and high a lot more consistent than with traditional grinding methods.


      • It keeps the trichomes intact.

      Slicing weed also makes sure that the precious trichomes in your pot remain intact and actually end up in the joint, making for a better and more flavorful high. 


      • Easier to clean than ever.
      Keeping a blade clean is much easier than a pest and mortar, especially those that you have been using for years and tend to get impregnated with the flavor or smells of old weed. The cleaner, the better the taste!

        The cons:

        • You might lose some sensory experience.

        For a lot of more experienced potheads, the ritual of preparing your weed includes all sorts of tactile experiences, from quietly grinding, the smell of freshly crushed weed, and cleaning afterwards with care. However, if you want a more streamlined experience with less hassle, you might lose some of this, but all in all, it depends on the person.


        • It takes time.

        Depending on what you use to slice it, it can be a more time-consuming method, and if you are already high, working with a blade might not be the best idea.


          An answer to your favorite style: the KLIP slicer

          Considering all this, we might say that both grinding and slicing have similar pros and cons, with the KLIP Slicer of HØJ, it doesn’t matter what your personal preference is, you get the best weed possible. This is a slicer that, thanks to its technology which uses magnets to guarantee a frictionless turn, you get perfect weed every time without clogging and wasting anything.

          And that’s before mentioning that the KLIP is designed for a variety of tastes a preferences, so no matter what are you looking to prepare (a joint, a pipe, a bong, an ingredient for an edible), it comes with a variety of accessories to ensure you always get your weed exactly as you need it. What are you waiting for? The best possible method to have your weed exactly as you want it is at a couple clicks of distance.


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