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Have You Ever Considered a Professional Degree in Marijuana?

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According to an estimate by the financial company Barclay´s, if cannabis was legalized throughout the United States today and levied the same type of tax as tobacco, it would have a market value of USD 28 billion, which would reach USD 41 billion in 2028.  

Accounting and cannabis industry firm Adnant Consulting estimates that the cannabis sector has created between 50,000 and 100,000 jobs per legal status on the retail side alone. But legal marijuana is much more than cultivation, accounting, logistics, customer service and management. To help meet the demand for workers in an industry that requires a wide range of skills, universities like Northern Michigan University and Minot State University, as well as cannabis-only programs like Oaksterdam University, are working to educate those who want to make a cannabis career.  

Northern Michigan University for example, has already begun offering a program within its chemistry area in which students will graduate with marijuana degrees. So far, this four-year curriculum has drawn the attention of at least 300 applicants. Topics such as chemistry, biology, botany, finance and marketing will be covered. Once they graduate, they could work as laboratory analysts.  

Brandon Canfield, a professor of chemistry at Northern Michigan University, was the one who proposed to the school to start this career. After attending a symposium that discussed the urgent need for analytical chemists capable of evaluating and assuring the product. Although recreational use is legal in Michigan, students will not grow it. They will learn to extract medicinal compounds and measure them in plants.  

Minot State of North Dakota, another American university, has added fields of study such as cannabis cultivation, policy, law, research, analysis and market. There will also be subjects on laboratory techniques for medical marijuana, the food industry and botanical supplements.  

Grace DeNoya is one of the first students to earn her diploma in cannabis studies. DeNoya said in a post “My friends make well-meaning jokes about my weed degree, a degree in chemistry. It's a lot of work, organic chemistry is complex.  

Both recreational and medicinal marijuana use is nothing new. People have been consuming it for decades, and it has always been very popular. Marijuana careers give people who want a real, serious degree in chemistry the opportunity while learning all about weed. Knowledge can be gained from how to run greenhouses and dispensaries, to developing edible products and how to market them safely and legally.  

Arcview Market research, a research company focused on trends in this sector, estimates that by 2023 the industry will have 467,000 cannabis jobs. States like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut where it is not yet legal have already begun to offer courses in their schools. In this way, they will be able to anticipate their legalization or prepare students to work in another state.  

In addition to the business opportunities, the normalization of the study of marijuana could eradicate the prejudices that exist around it.  


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