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How to Buy Rolling Papers: Eco-friendly, Organic and Natural

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Whenever we smoke a joint, we see it as a natural product. We do not believe that it can threaten our health, although the lungs are not designed to absorb smoke of any kind, at least marihuana does not have all the chemicals of a normal cigarette.  

However, we do not consider something important, and that is that we also smoke the paper of the joint. There are papers for all tastes. The differences begin with the material with which they are made: hemp, cellulose, flax or rice fibers are the most common. Also, paper can be processed with whiteners that achieve a whiter appearance at the cost of introducing some chemicals in the process.  

Gunpowder can also be added so that the paper does not go out and burn faster, as is the case with industrial cigarettes and some low-quality rolling papers. You know, the paper is also burned and you breathe it right to your lungs, so it never hurts to know what is being consumed.  

In addition to the composition, rolling papers are made with a strip of adhesive material to facilitate the rolling process. The “glue” of the paper can be made of different materials, some of vegetable origin and others that use animals in the process. Plant-based adhesives are made from sugar or gum arabic, a resin extracted from the Acacia tree. Other glues are made from the processing of animal tissues, mainly skin and tendon.  


What to take in consideration when you buy rolling papers:

In addition to the composition and preparation of the rolling papers, other characteristics affect the experience of smoking the joint. Such as porosity, gumming or grammage.  

  • Porosity 

A more porous paper will have a much faster burning capacity than one that is not porous. In many cases, the paper mill adds combustion additives to better control the time in which paper ends burning.  

  • Grammage

A very thin paper will have a lower quantity and, at the same time, will be more transparent and manageable. A thinner paper will burn with great difficulty, but at the same time will allow the weed leaf to be appreciated more intensely.  

  • Gumming 

As we know and already have mentioned, all the sheets of paper have a very thin strip of glue on the edge to finish closing the cigarette when rolling it and to make it stay fixed. This gum should be natural, but in some cases some brands do use chemicals gumming that should be avoided because it may be unhealthy.  


So what rolling papers are the best option...

For your safety, confidence and to provide you with the best experience, in HØJ we advanced not only in quality, but also in providing a unique experience in terms of practically, quality and care for the environment.  

HAMP is designed as an all-in-one solution and includes; filters, a built-in mixing tray, and our carefully crafted papers that burn slower without any chemicals, taste less when lit and will rarely burn out of tear.  

We decide to take everything into consideration, even small details that sometimes go unnoticed, like filters. Sustainably colored in our iconic red, HAMP’s airflow filters our cut into a custom shape that ensures they burn evenly and prevents you from inhaling any of the herb. All while optimizing airflow. This is a small but important change for those seeking the ultimate herbal experience.  

Many cannabis consumers enjoy using hemp rolling papers, as this makes the entire joint a cannabis-derived product. That’s why HAMP is made out of 100% TUV SUD-approved unbleached hemp and colored with organic soy ink, avoiding artificial chemicals which are harmful. So, you can light up while keeping your carbon footprint down 

Besides the high quality, HAMP also makes user experience like a priority. That's why one in every thousand papers is gold. And what happens if you are the lucky one that has this golden paper? Take a picture of the golden leaf while it's still in your HAMP pack and send it to We will then send you a free HØJ product of your choice.  

As we have already mentioned, we know that a legit experience derived from marihuana must be smoked from more products derived from marihuana. So, let's see why hemp is the most consistent option when we talk about weed, quality and experience.  


Why is hemp much better than rice, flax or cellulose?

Many might think that there is no important difference between hemp, rice or flax, since they are natural raw materials and their production methods are pretty similar. Vegetable fibers such as hemp, rice, cereals or flax are crushed until obtaining a vegetable pulp with which this paper is made. 

However, there are factors such as the quality of the soil, pollution in the soil where these materials are harvested and even heavy metals and pesticides have been found in many rolling papers. A leading California laboratory, SC Labs, spent two months testing 118 rolling papers. The conclusion was that nearly one in ten rolling papers failed to meet strict standards for purity.  

Flavored and scented rolling papers are super suspicious. For example, King Palm Berry Terps rolling papers contain seven times the state of California limit for the pesticide cypermethrin. Many rolling papers contain 120 times the legal limit for lead.  

But why are products made from raw materials turned out to be so harmful? Well, the papers are made from plant material, and plants absorb contaminants from the soil. Paper crops are also sprayed to deter pests.  

The underlying products of high demand and highly industrialized, such as traditional paper and its derivatives, will not be the safest. On the other hand, a more resistant, cheaper to produce on a large scale and less polluting for health and environment, will be purer and safer to smoke. While there is no international regulation nor international companies that manufacture hemp for large scale, not in the way it could be exploited it is safe from pesticides, dubious fumigation methods and artificial accelerators for its growth.

I would not have imagined it either, but those are consequences of industrialization and the high demand of consumers, because there are millions of them, but now you know how to consume intelligently.  


Author: Pipo


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