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Saving Money on Cannabis: Is the "Panteonera" Good For You?

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Sometimes, the times are uncertain, and the budget we have for our favorite hobbies tends to be among the first things we cut back on spending, no matter how happy they can make us. Case in point: weed. Chilling during a lazy afternoon with a bowl of our favorite strain, just relaxing, is seemingly what’s most needed during a recession, so looking for ways to make the most out of your weed, and save money while enjoying it becomes a must.

However, there are good ways and bad ways to go about this; we have talked before about some of the good ways to enjoy cannabis without worrying about waste or high costs, and there’s some very good advice in there if you are worried about spending less on pot. But in the same sense, there’s some bad choices you could make when looking for a high, and today, that’s what we want to talk about at HØJ: what are some dubious ideas when it comes to saving money on weed.

Specifically, we want to center on a cheap and popular way to get high with a weed strain that has quite a rep among stoner circles: have you ever heard of “panteonera” weed? If not, then you might be interested in learning about one of the cheapest, but more infamous weed varieties you can come across, and how to avoid it. Let’s go!

What is the “Panteonera” weed?

If you have many stoner friends with backgrounds close to Latin America, especially Mexico, you may have heard of this terminology before. Simply put, the “panteonera” is low-quality weed, cheap and relatively easy to score all around. We are talking about ounces going for about $2 dollars, so you might get an idea of what to expect when smoking this kind of pot.

In fact, the name of this cannabis, “panteonera”, literally means “from the graveyard”, thanks to the dubious ways it grows, and the fact that its poor quality can be even a hazard for your health. Simply put, panteonera is a kind of a rough and unprocessed weed, and mixed all together (leaves, seeds, stems and everything in between), commonly pressed into blocks.

Sometimes, to mask a bitter and uneven taste, some sellers of panteonera even put some additives to it, like ammonia, neoprene, and even petroleum jelly to make it palatable, and the amount of THC found in it is low, so you have to smoke a lot of panteonera to get a decent high.

It’s grown without much care, commonly letting both male and female plants to mingle, resulting in an abundance of the famous “cocos” in the mix, and with very little nutrition going to the flowers of the plant, where the nice stuff usually ends. Also, don’t expect a clean and pesticide-free plant, as the people who cultivate this kind of weed just want to make a quick buck without any interest in quality. So if anyone offers you to go for a gram of “panteonera”, oh boy, you are in for a ride.

The panteonera in pot culture

I like sh*t weed, honestly”, reads the opinion of an anonymous stoner in an article for the Spanish Version of Vice, titled “Why Stoners Prefer to Smoke Sh*tty Weed”, and although that might seem a surprising statement, the cultural and economic context around cheap weed such as panteonera is very interesting to learn about.  

The main thing is that cannabis culture is going through a kind of renaissance, thanks to the increasing social acceptability of consuming this plant, going from an illegal niche to a very normal and varied hobby nowadays. And while now you can find an infinity of options in strains, blends and incredible accessories (like the ones you can get at our store), this is a brand new development. There was a time where you had to settle for panteonera, or nothing at all.

Once, I took home one of the new strains —Blue Dream or Silver Haze or something like that— to share it with my mom, a very cool woman who in the 70s smoked joints the size of a finger like they were cigarettes”, says that same anonymous smoker. “And just like many other adults who had children, she stopped doing that for three decades and had no idea of how much pot had changed in the last 30 years. She was impressed with the first puff, saying how good the flavor was, but after the second one she was out. I had to take her to bed like I was her dad. To her, smoking modern weed was like smoking pure opium.

This may be a common story among some old-school stoners, but it seems to be also somewhat popular with modern smokers. The same source mentions how he missed the crappy weed he could score in high school, not only because of nostalgia, but because the low buzz of panteonera or other such variety of cannabis seemed to hit his sweet spot, unlike modern cannabis strains that can contain up to 20% THC content. Another one of the testimonies of the Vice article illustrates this pretty well:

My love for mediocre weed was born during a family trip to Jamaica. I asked the bartender where I would score some pot, and he told me to give him 50 dollars and wait for the next day. He arrived with an enormous bag of ugly weed, with seeds, stems and all that, but I loved it. I could smoke a lot of it and feel relaxed but still functional. I miss it. Today’s pot is good, but maybe too strong for most situations; I like it when I’m chilling with my friends or some such, but if I have to speak in public, or be with my family or something like that, it is too much. To me, the only way to keep a nice buzz going without getting way too high is with low-THC weed, which is to say, the bad weed.

Nothing written about taste

Pot culture today is a varied and interesting space where every kind of need, taste and goal can be met. In the case of cheap weed, like the panteonera, we don’t really recommend it, but can understand why that type of cannabis is still popular: easy to get, cheap, with a low buzz to last all day, is exactly what most people look for in a bowl of cannabis. Just remember that these kinds of weed are not very safe, and it’s better to get your weed with a trustworthy source, but sometimes, sh*tty graveyard weed is exactly what you need.


Happy smoking, everyone!


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