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Hemp Rolling Paper: The Importance Of Choosing the Best Thing For Your Joint

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When it comes to enjoying a good bag of cannabis, there’s tons of options for a discerning pothead; bongs, pipes, vapes, oils, edibles, even lotions, creams and ointments. All of them are good, and most have a very specific application depending on what you want from weed, but few (if any) beat the sensation of smoking a good old joint.

It’s a tradition that seems as old as weed, and has an incredibly important part in cannabis culture; it’s a complete rite of passage to learn how to properly roll a joint, pass it along during a lazy Saturday, and everyone develops their own style and technique along the way. Surely then, being the most popular way to enjoy weed, there’s a lot of options to choose from to make the perfect joint, right? And you will be right in thinking that, as the number of different types of paper you can try nowadays is huge, and parsing the best one can be a tricky task.

After all, it comes down to individual taste, but if we had to make a choice here at HOJ, there’s nothing that can beat the flavor and sensation of good hemp paper when you want to roll the perfect joint. In fact, you may already know our HAMP rolling papers, which guarantee you the easiest to make and most tasteful joint you will ever have, and that’s no accident. Why is it hemp such a good choice when it comes to rolling joints? Why do so many seasoned potheads swear by it? Have you tried it before? Because if not, then you are in for a treat. Let’s dig into it! 

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You can’t go wrong with hemp

But why hemp? There’s tons of options out there, from rice, to wood pulp, to even “white” papers made from calcium carbonate, and all of them promise the best experiences when it comes to rolling a fresh joint. And you will find a lot of opinions regarding these options, from their burning rate to how healthy they are, and probably you already have a favorite by now.

For example, the popularity of rice rolling paper comes from how thin it is, as well as having virtually no flavor to speak of, letting you enjoy the taste and potency of your weed of choice at its fullest, but it’s also a very difficult paper to work with, tearing easily and being rather sticky on your fingers, to the point that you can mess up your joint. And there’s nothing more upsetting for a pothead than your weed all over the floor.

Typical wood pulp paper, not very different to what you already have on your printer right now, is easier to work with, and you will never get your joint sticking to your fingers, but depending on the type of paper (bleached or unbleached) and the manufacturer, it can have a slight chemical taste, and the burning rate tends to be very slow; great if you are sharing your joint around, but also kind of a starter paper for a novice pothead.

But what about hemp paper? If you go with this option, you are choosing the best, but also you should know that hemp can be used in many ways to smoke; for example, you might find some people who swear by 100% organic unbleached hemp, which is what HAMP takes the care to use. 

What hemp rolling paper offers is, first and foremost, a smoking experience like no other. Hemp burns slowly and evenly, adapting to your own rhythm. Also, since hemp is a sub product of cannabis, you never need to worry about flavor; the best hemp papers will blend right into your weed, not interfering at all with the experience you are looking for. Finally, they are good at absorbing humidity, so they don’t spoil the signature fragrance of burning weed, so all in all, they offer exactly what you need to have the best experience possible: a good, sturdy paper that will not feel like it is there, helping you enjoy your joint to the fullest.

A green option for your green hobby

With this, it may be enough to consider giving hemp rolling paper a go, but the reason why we at HOJ choose to develop a product like HAMP is because, beyond the good things hemp brings to your joint, hemp is also very environmentally friendly, thanks to the fact that hemp grows quickly, doesn’t need to be bleached in order to make paper, and in the case of HAMP, it is colored with organic soy ink, so the carbon footprint of this paper is very, very low.

After all, today hemp is regarded as one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly resources we have, being very resistant to pests (reducing the need of harmful pesticides during its cultivation), as well as needing very little water and land to grow properly, unlike paper trees, or other plants such as cotton. And this is without mentioning that the yield of pulp from hemp is almost four-times of common trees, taking only months to grow.

Furthermore, another factor that separates HAMP from other rolling papers (hemp or not) is that, as an adhesive, we like to use gum arabica ethically sourced from conflict-free African growers, making it one of the best options for the socially-conscious cannabis enjoyer, making this hobby as safe as possible. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, if you enjoy your weed with an old fashioned joint, selecting the correct paper is important. Flavor, easiness of use, conservation of aroma, handling and how difficult it might be to roll are just some of the considerations a pothead should have to ensure they have the best experience possible with their joint.

However, when it comes to selecting the best, it's difficult to beat a rolling paper that uses hemp, a material that blends right with the flavor of your chosen strain of cannabis, offers you the highest quality possible to roll and handle well, and it is even designed to use ethical, and environmentally friendly materials that will ensure you are experiencing the best possible chilling session. 

So don’t think about it twice; get into our store, and experience the best possible joint you have ever imagined…

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