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Weed Pipe, Joint or One Hitter: Which is the Best Way to Smoke Weed?

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If you clicked this with the hope of getting an affirming, reasonable, straightforward answer, you’re going to be a little bit disappointed. Let’s get something out of the way: There’s not a best way to smoke weed. 

People on the internet will say what they believe in, and some blogs will vow to which method is the best and ultimate way to smoke cannabis. However, in reality “the best way” is your version of best; that’s right, it all narrows down to the matter of preference being a subjective topic, meaning the people you ask “what is the best way to smoke marijuana” will most likely give you different answers. 

Despite this, we can always get a little more objective and break it down into a set of categories, right? Concepts like cost, convenience, easiness, efficiency, discretion, smoking and such will help you determine an answer for yourself. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of pipes, joints and vape pens while trying to reach a conclusion, shall we?



Grinded cannabis flower gently wrapped in rolling paper has existed since the 1850s, or so it is thought. The first recorded use of a joint is said to go way back into the mid nineteen century, where laborers from Mexico were already using recreational marijuana in a joint presentation. 

If you were surfing the internet and ended up here, you’ve probably already seen what a joint looks like, as it is the most popular way to smoke weed. A joint is around 90 millimeters long (3.5 inches) and thin in appearance with its weed wrapped inside a rolling paper. The small hemp papers are made from organic material, allowing them to be smoked without toxic chemicals. 


There’s a lot of reasons why stoners would argue this is the best way to smoke weed: 

* Their small, portable size makes it easier to carry them around.


* Unlike a regular tobacco cigarette, joints are easy to put out and save them for later.


* They’re also easy to spark up.


* Joints are also very often passed around friends, sharing the smoking experience.


* Since someone has to roll them, you can actually control how much weed you’re smoking.


No other substance will contaminate the natural flavors of the cannabis, since a joint is made of organic ingredients.


* Of all the ways there are to smoke weed, rolling a joint is considered the cheapest.


Still, every good thing has some bad sides:

* Thanks to the organic ingredients, joints are probably not the most discreet way to smoke weed; the smell will linger and people will most likely notice it.

* Low quality rolling paper will make your joint end briefly, since the hemp will burn faster.

* When rolling papers don’t have a reliable filter it can result in finger and lip burns.

* It takes experience to roll a joint properly.


The previously mentioned downsides could actually disappoint you or even disturb your smoking experience. However, these are mostly just mistakes and avoiding them will be easier if you have the right rolling paper–like our HAMP packages

These hemp papers are designed to burn slower and taste less so they don’t disrupt the cannabis flavor. The packages also include sustainable made filters, and speaking about sustainability, we’re very proud to say that our rolling papers are made out of 100% green, unbleached hemp and organic soy ink. If you want to elevate your joint smoking experience, we encourage you to give them a chance.



I’d say pipes are the cool, vintage and mysterious way to enjoy weed. Pipes have been a smoking device for centuries, and it is believed to have indigenous roots from religious ceremonies carried out by priests in Mexico. Eventually, the practice of pipe smoking spread through the European continent when sailors returned home from America.  

Pipes used to smoke weed are regularly known as “hand pipes'', since almost every single one fits in the palm of your hand. They have a bowl where grind cannabis is held and a stem from which the smoke is inhaled. The carb, which is a hole in the bottom of the bowl, helps the pipe to regulate the air flow.


Besides the retro and smooth aesthetic, they have many reasons why stoners choose to use them:

* Pipes are very portable and easy to carry around.


* Since you only need to place the grind cannabis in a bowl, light it up, and inhale it, pipes make it easy to use and quickly to prepare.


It won’t leave any remains because you can actually decide how much you want to smoke by choosing the weed quantity.


* Pipes are made out of many materials, shapes and sizes, so there’s a lot of options to choose from.


* When it comes to aroma, a pipe won’t leave the smell of weed lingering in your clothes like a joint might do. 


And of course there’s downsides, such as:

* The most popular pipes are made of glass, making them delicate and easy to break.

* Pipes won’t give you big hits like bongs or other smoking methods.

* Because it’s time consuming and hard to cleanse, a lot of people consider cleaning pipes a hassle.

* Since most of them don’t have filters and they conduct more smoke into your lungs, coughing is a big issue when inhaling cannabis.


    Judging by the pros and cons mentioned, I won’t blame you if you actually think that pipes are a bit of a nuisance. Nevertheless, I assure you that finding the perfect pipe will completely change the way you look at them. KØL was conceived with all the pipe downsides in mind, making it hard to overheat and deliver smoke smoothly. 

     While coughing is almost inevitable, this pipe is made out of materials to prevent harsh coughing, resulting in cooler and more pure smoke. Plus, KØL was designed to last a lifetime instead of breaking it or throwing it away and buying another; our pipe is assembled with magnets so it's easier to snap it open, clean it and put it all back together again. Don’t miss this opportunity to check it out, you may be surprised!


    One Hitter Pipe

    The name says it all– these skinny looking pipes are designed to take a single hit. One hitter’s materials vary from metal to glass and wood, each having its pros and cons.

    According to Fat Buddha Glass, these pipes have been among us for quite a while now, maybe even thousands of years. Used in Japan, Morocco and the Middle East (kiseru, sebsi and midwakh, respectively), this tiny device will help you to keep it on the low and enjoy your high times, having one hit only and dosing your weed. 


    Here’s why you should consider trying them out:

    * They’re portable, easy to use and effective, especially when you don’t have time to roll a joint or even spend a little while with your pipe. One hitters can literally fit in your pant’s pocket!

    * Since they’re meant to provide one hits only, discretion is highly linked to one hitters.

    * If you’re worried about spending a lot of money on weed, one hitters can actually help you stay on a budget; again, since they’re made to inhale it once, you can buy what you need while still having the reward of getting high.

    * Depends on the device, but typically one hitters can get you very high without the need to smoke a lot.


      With great power comes… well, several things to consider:

      * One hitters will most likely hold a gram of ground weed on average, so if you’re used to smoking more then you will need to adjust.

      * Since the device is small, one hitters are not considered an option for group smoking or sharing weed with several people.

      * It will get you high. Maybe high, high. So if you’re looking for something a little less wild, reconsider the use of one hitters.


        The bottomline

         These weed accessories are classics and will most likely never grow old. These smoking methods have all been passed down from one generation to another, so that makes me think that they can all coexist in harmony, always giving the user the power to choose.

         Hopefully, examining each device carefully with the facts, its pros and cons will help you consider what works best for you. If you ask me, the best –and fun– way to determine which one works best for you is to try everything out. Nothing beats first hand experience in order to make the best choice for you, what you want to get out of smoking cannabis, and how your body responds to different pot methods. 

        Here’s another tip: If you smoke regularly, get together with a couple more friends and make sure that each one has a different smoking device. Instead of smoking like you usually do, dedicate one day to trying joints out, then another one to smoke with a pipe, and finally another day to experience the one-hitter. If you’re a nerd like me then treat it like an experiment and write everything down! Like how much time it took you to get high, how long it took you to get sober, how was one high different from another, and countless other things you may notice. I encourage you to plan out accordingly and most of all, safely. Have fun exploring!


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