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An Introduction to KØL

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There are many different types of weed pipes, so what makes the pipe so revolutionary? What makes it the best pipe for weed in the UK?

A Pipe Without Coughing

This is a pipe like you’ve never seen before, rebuilt entirely from the inside out for a smoother experience every time. It’s in the form of a pipe, has the cooling power of a bong, and delivers smoke with the smoothness of a vape. The result is an entirely new herbal experience.

Coughing isn't inevitable; it’s the result of bad bad design. Our pioneering patented micro-channel design effortlessly strips heat from the herb mechanically, requiring no water at all. Combined with our titanium coated filter this results in a significantly smoother experience, which means less coughing at the time and in the long term.

What enters your lungs is cool, pure, smooth smoke. Cool right!

woman smoking with KOL pipe

A Pipe Inspired by Nature

Inspired by the evolutionary pattern found on the scales of the Mako shark, KØL’s shape forces incoming air into a vortex to trap a far higher proportion of herbal impurities than previously thought possible. As the air spins, the large particles that irritate your lungs are driven outwards and trapped. So, what makes it into your lungs is too small to trigger a cough, but large enough to pack a punch!

Think of KØL like your very own set of shark gills, filtering for a cleaner experience every time.

KOL pipe and nature

A Pipe That’s as Easy to Clean as Your Jeans

Our magnetic magic is incredibly helpful when it comes to cleaning. While most pipes are a hassle to clean and need regularly replacing, that’s not our style. We design products to be used for a lifetime, not left in a drawn or discard in the bin. So, how do you clean your weed pipe? Simply snap open KØL and give it a quick wipe or soak, or wash it in the sink with your pots and pans. It’s as simple as snap, wipe & done.

KOL pipe open to clean

A Pipe for Life

KØL is designed using exclusively using materials that can be infinity recycled to contribute to a circular, not a disposable economy. It’s also designed to last your entire lifetime and is truly a tool you can pass down to the next generation. This is better for your wallet and the planet and, as long as you take care of it, you’re really only looking after your KLIP for the next generation - it really is a herbal heirloom!

KOL packaging and parts

And remember, you can always choose KØL mini, our most portable weed pipe. This contains the same great technology, shrunk into a joyfully small package to create the world’s most discreet weed smoking device.

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Hello William!

Our customer service team would contact you and let you know your shipping status.

Thanks for purchasing KØL 2.0! You’re the best (:

Posted by HØJ Support on December 06, 2022

Can I get shipping status on pipes I ordered

Posted by William hori on December 06, 2022

I love my KØL mini so much! The draw is so smooth, but the ease of cleaning makes smoking even smoother. I frankly prefer smoking flower to vaping carts, so the KØL is a dream come true— and beautiful made. The packaging… the whole experience! Totally worth the cost, IMHO.

Posted by E on June 06, 2022

Filters will be in stock by the end of June (: STAY TUNED!

Posted by HØJ Support on May 30, 2022

Where are filters going to be available

Posted by Kirk Lea on May 30, 2022

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