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KØL’s Titanium Teeth

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Learn about our pipe’s famous filters

Is KØL made entirely out of aluminium?

KØL is made almost entirely out of aluminium however, we did make one exception - the filters. Each KØL ships with three of our famous titanium coated filters and, while this isn’t cheap, they are integral in delivering the revolutionary new high.

As the filters are the part of the pipe that comes most into contact with an open flame, it’s essential to get them right. Most notably, titanium doesn’t melt until 1670°C, meaning it can easily withstand the heat of a match or lighter without giving off any products, tastes or scents of its own. In fact, it could even be used to enjoy the herb on the closest planet to the sun, Mercury (it’s the user who couldn’t!).

People often ask “how to smoke a pipe without burning your throat?” The answer - smoke with KØL.

KOL pipe parts titanium filters

What are the other benefits of titanium?

As well as being able to take the heat, titanium is also extraordinarily hypoallergenic, exceptionally corrosion-resistant and is tasteless, odourless and non-toxic. These properties are why the metal is often used in very high-end kitchen products and make it perfect for our filters. Acting as the teeth of the pipe, these hold the herb in place and are the first line of defense against herbal impurities. Combined with our patented filtration chamber and vortex filter, KØL cleans and cools the herb better than anything else available, all in less than a second. It’s a truly terrific titanium one hitter!

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the bowl, but KØL’s titanium coated teeth are staying right where they are. The first of many lines of defense for your lungs.

KOL and KOL mini

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Work at Trulieve in Florida love your product can’t wait to try the larger pipe.

Posted by Derek Snider on May 23, 2022

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