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Best Christmas Gifts For Stoners


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The most joyful time of the year is close, and for that special cannabis-enjoyer in your life, the happiness goes for double: not only because Christmas and weed go like peanut butter and jelly (you never had the munchies with a fridge full of Christmas dinner leftovers? It’s literally paradise, believe us), but because now is the time to give them the best gift possible to make their hobby even better.

Because, when it comes to options for gifts for the modern stoner, there’s currently tons and tons of interesting accessories, parafernalia, and even clothing that anyone who enjoys a good cannabis smoking session will appreciate this season. Pipes, grinders, paper, recipe books, starter kits, indoor gardening accessories… Truly, we live in a wondrous time, and Christmas is the perfect moment to discover what’s getting popular in the wonderful world of weed. Stop searching for the best Christmas gifts for stoners this year, we have a list right here for you.

So gather around the fireplace, children, and light up your joints, heat up your bongs and bake the best edibles your neighborhood has ever seen, here at HØJ we prepared this nifty gift guide on everything you should get to make this season the jolliest you ever had yet. 

Happy holidays, and a prosperous new year from all of us at HØJ!

HØJ’s Gift Guide for the Jolly Stoner in your Life!


We have talked before about the differences between grinding and slicing weed, and the fact that we chose to slice might not come as a surprise. Indeed, slicing your cannabis is simply cleaner, more flavor and gets you better texture in your bag of grass, and we made the process even more simple and better with the KLIP Slicer, a true reimagining of what a grinder actually is.

With the KLIP Slicer, not only will you get the best texture and flavor out of your weed, it will burn more evenly in your joint, giving you the most comfortable high of your life. So if you want to make a stoner happy, give them a way to enjoy their weed like never before.


HØJ pipe KØL 2.0

A pipe is always a nice gift. But a KØL 2.0 is no mere pipe, and it will make the greatest gift you will ever give to someone into enjoying weed the proper way. Because what the KØL 2.0 does is, just like the KLIP Slicer, reinvent the concept of a pipe, redesigning the way weed, smoke and inhalation work, giving you the smoothest experience with cannabis you had yet. 

Easy to clean, with the cleanest puffs you will have, the KØL 2.0 is the perfect accessory to complement the hobby of a pothead you want to make happy this Christmas. Also, if you are interested, check out the KØL mini 2.0, a smaller pipe, with the same big experience.


HAMP rolling paper

The best possible paper to make your joints is also a topic we have discussed before, and the verdict is that you cannot go wrong with hemp, thanks to the even, slow burn it offers, how the taste of this kind of paper will always perfectly blend with your weed, saving your smoke from being ruined by undesirable flavors, and the fact that hemp is an environmentally-friendly resource, makes hemp rolling paper the perfect choice for a discerning stoner.

All this coalesce in HØJ's HAMP paper, made with unbleached hemp and tinted with organic soy ink, this little package includes everything you need (80 rolling paper, filters and a tray) to make your joints the best they can possibly be. And on top of that, to make this gift the best you can give in Christmas, you might even find our famed Golden Leaf between your papers and win your chosen gift directly from HØJ. So the HAMP paper really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Other Incredible Ideas Of Christmas Gifts For Stoners

Smell proof pouches and bags

This one is a no-brainer, especially for the stoner on-the-go that needs to move around carrying their weed, and wants a comfortable, smell-proof, and stylish bag where they don’t have to worry about getting notices. And yes, weed smells very strongly, sometimes even when sealed in a Ziploc bag or similar, so gifting a pouch or a whole backpack is going to always be thoughtful and welcome. 

There’s tons of options out there, so it’s a question of looking for the best option in price, as well as selecting something that goes with the style of the pothead you are thinking about. Give them something that lets them have a nice chill session wherever they want!


Butter-making machine

For more kitchen-inclined potheads, making edibles is a great joy, although making the cannabutter can sometimes be somewhat of a hassle. If that’s the case for the person you want to give the ideal weed-related accessory, then a butter churner is a great option, like the ones offered by Magical. 

Described as the “the world’s first countertop botanical extractor”, what this little machine does is offer a practical and easy way to extract and infuse the best parts of the cannabis plant in butter, oils or tinctures, letting you prepare the best ingredients possible for all the edible you can imagine. Basically a one-stop appliance that takes care of the harder parts of making edibles, no doubt this appliance is becoming a staple of the experienced pothead. Get yours while they last!


A special bong

Using a bong to enjoy weed is also a cherished part of weed culture, but unfortunately, they tend to not be very discreet, and are hard to carry around in case you are a traveling pothead that already has plans to visit family these holidays.

Which is why Cupsy is such a blessing for these occasions: an entire bong disguised as an unassuming portable water cup, perfect for those occasions where pulling a standard bong would not be advisable (like in front of your grandma, or eating out with some friends). Just put a hit of weed on it, carry a small lighter with you, and enjoy a good puff of your favorite blend wherever you want. Just be careful with the smell, will ya?

As you can see, to give the perfect gift for the stoner you want to make happy this Christmas, you are not short of options. So, happy 2022 holidays, everyone! Enjoy them to their fullest and remember that the jolliest time of the year is to enjoy the little things in life. See you next time!

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