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How to Grind Weed With Your Hands


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A proper grinder is great when you want to prepare finely ground cannabis and roll the perfect joints or smoke the perfect bowl. Grinders are easily one of the most essential tools for cannabis consumers. But sometimes the circumstances dictate that you need to go back to basics. 

Time to go old school and learn here how to grind weed with your hands. Even though you could say this method will cause you to lose trichomes and is a bit time consuming, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 

How To Grind Weed With Your Hands

Steps to grind cannabis manually:

  1. First things first you need to thoroughly clean and dry your hands.

  2. Next you will need a rolling tray or a flat and clean surface.

  3. Pick apart the nug and separate stems and seeds using both hands.

  4. Now, above the tray or surface, hold your non-dominant hand in the shape of a bowl so the buds you put in with your dominant hand will easily stay in place.

5.  Use the tips of your thumb, index, and middle finger together to grab the pieces of weed from the non-cupped hand. When you grab them, break the buds gently rubbing your fingers together.

6.  The weed needs to be dry enough or it will not break down into the small fine fragments you need to roll a joint. When nugs aren't ground properly, it will cause your joints to burn unevenly. Therefore it is necessary to break down your nugs until all the herb pieces are almost the same size.

7. Then collect the weed in your hand and begin rubbing your palms together creating friction. Here the tray, plate, surface or whatever you choose is useful too because fragments may fall at divergent angles. Balance the force you apply to break down the weed without damaging the flower’s trichomes, remember that there's where the THC and other cannabinoids are concentrated.

8. Once the cannabis is sufficiently broken down, wash and dry your hands again to remove the sticky resin and begin rolling your joint or packing your bowl.

Inevitably trichomes will be lost at some degree due to the crumbling process, and you may lose some cannabis. If this process felt like a hassle to you, maybe it's time to invest in a grinder like the KLIP, voted the best grinder of 2023.

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