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Magnetic Magic, Explained

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No nuts, bolts or tools - just science

Magnetism lies at the heart of KLIP, KØL and HAMP; holding our products, and our ecosystem tougher.

KLIP consists of four primary pieces of moulded aluminium held tougher entirely by rare-earth magnets. Invisibly locked by this force, the ‘grinder’ centres on a levitating blade that’s suspended in mid-air by an opposing magnetic force. The result is an exceptionally sturdy and firm grinder that can be opened easily with just a twist and turns with almost no friction. KØL builds upon this foundation, consisting chiefly of only two parts of aluminium that are combined magnetically, and HAMP is similarly held closed via a magnetic strip.

 HOJ pipe and grinder with magnets

Why does this matter so much?

This is crucial for many medicinal users, like those with limited dexterity, where the 360- degree turn needed to open traditional grinders is often too much of a hurdle to overcome. While poor design is frustrating for many of us, it is life-altering for those with conditions like arthritis; literally blocking them from accessing the healing power of the herb. 

What else do the magnets do?

The accessory system for KLIP is also fully integrated into the magnetic design, so that you can customize your experience as easily as possible. To change between the different Control Discs, Collection Meshes and chamber combinations, simply snap components in and out with your fingers. No need for any complicated extra tools - you’ve got ten perfectly good ones on the end of your hands!

Two KØL pipes opened to clean 

What about cleaning?

This entirely modular design makes cleaning your ‘grinder’ or pipe easier than ever. Simply snap open each section and soak it in alcohol or hot water, and then snap them back into place. If you know how to wash your pots & pans, you know how to wash your KLIP & KØL!

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