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How To Conserve Weed? Keep Weed Fresh


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A classic move when storing weed is to simply get an empty mason jar; it works and you don’t have to give any other thought to it. However, there are better methods to keep it fresh and as intact as possible to the external elements, and we are here to tell you everything you need to know about it. Keep reading as we get deep in on how to conserve weed to get its best shape so you get higher and can take fewer hits.

Why is the way you store weed so important?

If you don’t take proper care of your weed, by not paying real attention to where you store it; marijuana's potency and flavor might get affected. This can happen because of moisture, certain weather, and even certain smells that can affect cannabis; in a few words, it would degrade your weed. Your stash can also suffer some other consequences that could cause waste, like getting mold or bacteria or making it harsher to smoke or vape it... remember: the smoother, the better!

cannabis buds in grinder packaging
Cannabis buds in KLIP grinder packaging (HØJ Media)​​
Cannabis buds over white table
Cannabis buds over white table​​ (HØJ Media)

How to conserve weed

As with everything in life, the way you store your bud is also a task that you can improve so you get the best results possible. There are some techniques you can use to store your cannabis in order to maintain it as fresh as possible:

Get a special container

Did you know they exist? They come in different sizes, materials, characteristics, and technology. Their main job is to isolate the weed from the outside factors that may contaminate it and to get proper storage.

You can find great ones if you do a quick search: some even are smell-proof, so they will even help you being unnoticed, but their main quality is that they can be sealed nicely so you don’t expose your precious herbs.

We would also recommend looking at the materials, so it is resistant and the capacity, so you can store as much weed as you need, but it also has to have a comfortable size to match the space designated for it in your room. A drawer, your closet, and any other place of that nature will be more than enough for keeping things cool.  

Cannabis buds in a plastic bag
Cannabis buds in a plastic bag (HØJ Media)​​

Protect it from light, heat and humidity

A dark and cool place is always the way to go with weed, as the opposite would degrade it. Nonetheless, is not necessary to go extra and put it in your freezer, since you can make some damage to the trichomes of the plant by doing so.

On the other hand, using a humidity pack if you live in a dry-weather place might definitely help for this purpose. You just leave it along with your cannabis stash and get the job done.  

Keep it away from strong smells

So yeah, you shouldn’t be placing your weed container besides all the species in your kitchen. Any other heavy aroma, like the perfume in the same drawer you are using for your bud, can alter the natural scent and flavor.

As you can see, these are all easy measurements you can take to improve the conservation of your herbs and make it last longer and in better conditions, by preserving the potency,  flavor, and smell that you love so much.

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