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4 Weed Containers To Store Your Weed & Keep It Fresh

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I have a friend whose brother was a stoner. When it came to weed storage, he used to put his flowerbud inside an empty VHS of Ocean’s Eleven 2001 film, except that the title was in our native language and it literally translated to “the big scam” in english. 

As hilarious and creative as it was, this article is written on a more serious note. The following text provides some serious, hazard-free ways of storing your weed to prevent unwanted smells, keep your stash organized, and most importantly, keep your cannabis fresh. Let’s start off explaining why.

Can Weed Go Bad?


Oh, yes it can. You see, just like every other fine herb or delicious food spice, cannabis can go bad with time; in other words, marijuana does have an expiration date. According to research previously done by my friend Shaggy, weed that’s poorly taken care of only lasts from six months to about a year, at most. 

The explanation behind? Well, after a window of time, the THC in your cannabis will start losing about 15% of its potency, only leading to worsen with time. The author even mentions that leaving your weed untouched two or three years later will make the THC’s potency less than half. 

There’s many reasons why cannabis will go bad, but part of the reason why it happens depends on how and where you stash it. For starters, if it gets hit by sunlight, your weed will get too dry; if you store it in a regular box (like the VHS I told you about earlier) and leave it near a shower, weed will get too damp.

What Happens If I Smoke Bad Pot?

So let’s say you smoke dry or damp weed anyway. The quick answer: It won’t intoxicate your body, but you should definitely prepare to get an upset stomach. 

Shaggy explains that cannabis decay ruins the chemicals of weed in all sorts of ways, and since weed has naturally laxative properties, imagine how fast and quickly your body will react to the expired cannabis. It seems like the bathroom toilet will be your companion for the day, most likely.

Where Should I Store My Weed?

The best place to keep your weed is in a dry cabinet, say, placed in an empty shoe box in your closet, away from sunlight. The important thing is that you store it inside an air sealed container first, then look for the coolest room in your house and place it there. If you do it the right way, your weed will last up to 18 months.

So the secret is out now: Weed will actually last longer if stashed and kept in a dry place inside an air tight –and even better– smell proof sealed container.

4 Containers To Keep Your Weed Stash Fresh

Some of the following list of products were not made with the sole purpose of storing weed in mind; however, weed is just another herb, right? Here are four great recommendations to store your weed, whether you want it to last longer or just keep it healthy fresh.

Airtight Jar

  • General information:

This could be a mason jar, a glass container for spice or herbs, one made for weed, or even a canister intended for coffee. Everything works as long as it has clamp lids or a silicone seal embedded on the inner edge of the lid; you just need to make sure the product detail has the “airtight” word.

  • Pricing:

If you check them out on Amazon, the price varies from $9 USD up to $36 USD, depending on the jar’s size and its stand out features. 

  • HØJ’s Recommendation:

This ZENS Airtight Glass Jar Container is particularly highly rated, based on Amazon’s star rating system and the number of customer ratings. It’s not exactly made for weed, but if you conduct an “airtight jars for weed” search, it will pop up as their most highly rated article. 

Choose your airtight jar wisely!

Smell Proof Bags

  • General information:

These types of bags are discrete, thin and travel size, mostly crafted out with fine technology and materials like polyester, velcro, inner carbon lining, and even pretty useful locking systems. It’s important to check in the product details if it’s airtight and leak resistant, since those are the best ones for storing cannabis.

  • Pricing:

Smell proof bags have different prices depending on the materials they’re made with, but they can vary from $20 USD to $30 USD.

  • HØJ’s Recommendation:

Brands like JAXSPORTS and Firedog are pretty great, and they’re about $22 and $28 USD, respectively. If you care about our environment, the latter is probably your best choice, since Firedog’s products are handmade and eco-friendly.

Waterproof Airtight Tubes 

  • General information:

Materials such as polymer, glass and aluminum will do the trick. These tiny tubes usually come in packages of 5 and they’re travel size, around 4.5 inches or 11.5 centimeters. If you don’t buy much weed and prefer a more discrete stash container, these airtight tubes may be just what you’re looking for.

  • Pricing:

How much money you’re paying for these airtight tubes will depend on the material they’re made out of. For example, polymer tubes are around $8 USD, while aluminum ones cost about $12 to $15 USD.

  • HØJ’s Recommendation:

These Skyway Viper Pop Top Tube containers are made out of polymer; Amazon sells them in a set of 10 odor sealing tubes for only $8 USD. They’re mostly intended for tobacco, but other cannabis websites recommend them too.


Smell Proof Odorless Stash Box 

  • General information:

Stash boxes often look like fancy grown up lunch boxes. Mostly made out of advanced carbon technology, these types of boxes will keep your weed –and all your accessories like grinders and such– freshly guarded, safe of water and humidity. Another positive characteristic is that most will come with a handle, making it easier to move around and take it out of the house for a smoke session with your friends, if you will.

  • Pricing:

Pricing varies depending on the materials, compartments and size, but a quick search on Amazon will show you stash boxes that cost around $25 USD each.

  • HØJ’s Recommendation:

Firedog and KIBAGA are both great products, it all depends on the design and number of compartments that work best for you. They’re both the same price, $22 USD, and roughly around the same size, 8 inches long. The best part is that both stash boxes come with a combination lock, so they’re safe to have around your home if you live with children.

With a great container comes fresh, durable weed. Which is your favorite container? Let us know!


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