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Does Weed Have An Expiration Date? Weed Red Flags

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Having weed in hand for long enough that it goes bad is unthinkable for most potheads, to the point that a very common question regarding stashing and safekeeping is if our grass has an expiration date. I mean, it surely lasts forever, like those christmas cakes your grandparents love, right? You could probably unearth weed from an ancient Egyptian tomb and smoke the most historical joint right on the spot! But, alas, we bring you some bad news.

First of all, grinding and making a joint in a room full of mummy dust is just asking for trouble. And second, as with every other fine herb, cannabis can go bad with time, and every smoker should have a pretty good idea of how long will their precious stash last, to make sure to always have some fresh green in hand when needed. So in the name of public health, we will bring you the secrets of weed expiration, and how to inspect your inventory to know if it is still safe to smoke. Enjoy!

How long does weed last?

As similar as wine and weed are similar in terms of care, complexity and variety in blends and flavors, they sadly don’t age the same. So while you can leave a closed bottle of wine to age finely, weed only lasts from six months to about a year, at most.  After that, the THC content starts to decay, losing 15% or so of its potency, and it only goes worse from there. Two or three years later, you would have less than half of the THC left, so either you are desperate for a hit, or you should just throw it away and get something more fresh. Never buy more than you can smoke! Sounds unlikely, we know, but it happens.

How to tell if my weed is expired? 

Okay, so you found a ziploc with some leftover weed in some dark corner of your apartment or bedroom, and you could go for a smoke. I mean, destiny guided you there, so it would be a shame to waste it. But you need to make sure whatever cannabis you got there is still smokable, but how to tell?

We recommend you to take a good sniff. Old weed has a pretty characteristic smell to it, and depending on the specific variety you have, it will either smell  dull and stale, or very harsh and unappetizing. This will also help you to know if a dealer is trying to sell you some not very fresh product, so always get familiar with the smell of your favorite blend and keep an eye for anything out of place.

Another telltale sign of old wee is the appearance. At first glance, the weed might look okay, so you need to make a close inspection to be completely sure. If your stash is spongy, with a weird texture, and crumbles easily before you even grind it, it’s a no go. And last, depending on how and where you stashed it, it may have gotten too dry or too damp to use it. So always be checking!


Okay, I smoked anyway, what will happen now?

Relax, it won’t kill you, but prepare yourself for a very upset stomach, and an entire day wasted in the toilet. Since the decay ruins the chemicals of weed in all sorts of ways, our bodies can’t really handle it, so it needs to get out. Fast. Suddenly, even, and that's adding the natural laxative nature of weed. So if you decided to smoke the suspicious pot you found in your closet, just a heads up. Make sure your bathroom is well stocked with TP.


Does all marijuana expire the same? 

How long does it take for weed to expire?

Another thing you should consider is that not all weed products and presentations last the same, so depending on your choice, the expiration dates can vary a lot. For example, alcohol-based CBD tinctures can last up to ten years if stored properly, but any oil-based tincture only lasts a couple of years at most. 

Cannabis flowers, on the other hand, if they are properly dried and cured (and kept in a cool and fresh place, away from sunlight and moisture), can last up to 18 months, without having to worry about mold. However, you should still use them up to nine months after storing them to ensure maximum freshness when you crave a good high.

Edibles, depending if they were homemade or store-bought in cookie or brownie form, last the least, with the former lasting a couple days in an airtight container, or up to a week in the latter’s case if they got preservatives. But still, you should eat them as soon as possible.

Where to store weed?

Best temperatures for cannabis 

Weed can be very delicate, especially if you want to get the most out of it, so even if it sounds like a good idea, never store it in the fridge. The low temperature will make your pot brittle, and the moisture can build up quickly, ruining the whole stash. Weed needs to have a pretty controlled temperature to last, so pick up a glass bottle or sealed bag and keep it in a dry cabinet to make sure it lasts enough. Be mindful of your favorite herb!

So there you have it, taking proper care of your weed or related weed products, be it pure cannabis, edibles, oils or waxes, and making sure they are safe to smoke or consume with proper procedures only requires just a bit of common sense and knowing what to look for. Store your cannabis properly, do not lose track of your stash, and you will always have safe and nice grass everytime you come across it. Do you have any more tips you would like to share to know if weed has expired or if it is still safe to consume? Please tell us, and make sure to share so everyone in your circle of potheads know what to do when in doubt. Until next time!


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