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Best Nature Documentaries To Watch While High

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When I’m stoned, one of my favorite things to do is to find ways to marvel at the world. It’s a very beautiful place out there, huh? It’s so nice to go outside and look at the trees or the sky, especially under the influence of weed. The world around us is not just breathtaking in aesthetic ways, but it’s also incredibly interesting. It’s really easy to look around us and find something to question about— How does it work? Why does it happen? I’m a very curious person, and I generally enjoy learning and exploring things. Sometimes, this makes me end up in random Wikipedia rabbit holes. Sometimes, I listen to Science podcasts, and others, I watch nature shows on Netflix. 

As a big fan of nature and of learning, I’ve gone through my fair few nature documentaries on Netflix, so here is a list of five nature documentaries that you can watch while high. Whether you’re looking for a 20 minute spot of wonder, or you have time to sit down and watch a whole film, this list has it all. So pick one of these and light up a bowl! (bonus points if you’re using a KØL pipe to do it)

Life in Colour with David Attenborough (2021)

If you’re looking for some amazing visuals, this should be your pick. Life in Colour is a three part nature series produced by the BBC. It was released in 2021, and it is narrated by renowned biologist and nature historian David Attenborough. Each episode in this series is around 40 to 50 minutes long, and each of them is an absolute delight. 

Color is all around us, and I think that sometimes we take it for granted. This documentary, however, gives us an opportunity to be curious about color and its uses in nature. The first episode focuses on “Seeing in Colour”, and it explores the many ways that animals use colors in their skin, fur or feathers to communicate, attract or warn. The second part of this limited series delves into the interesting uses of color as camouflage, and the third is dedicated to the ways that cameras perceive and record color for us humans to revel in. I find that this documentary has a bit that can be of interest for everyone, even the tech nerds!

The amazing thing about this documentary in specific is the use of technology and the development of camera filters and lenses designed to mimic the ways that certain animals actually see. Ever wondered how the world looks like to bees? Well, this documentary has the answer for you!

Tiny Creatures (2020)

I have to admit, including Tiny Creatures on this list is a bit of a stretch. It is a nature show, produced in a pseudo-documentary fashion. However, it is hilarious to watch while high, so I will give myself the liberty to recommend it to you. It’s not a serious documentary, honestly. It kind of reminds me of the cartoons I used to watch as a child, following the adventures of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, but with actual animals. 

This eight part limited series focuses on the lives of tiny creatures all around us. Each episode is around 25 minutes long and takes place in a specific city in the United States of America. It showcases the little animals that inhabit the cities alongside us. Yes— the insects, rodents, reptiles and birds that we share our habitats with. 

The thing that I found most interesting about this nature show is that this was all filmed during the pandemic, and actually halfway across the world from the US. The producers of this show mentioned that no animals were harmed in the making of this series, and that all of the interactions between the animals were not faked or anything. The producers had a deep knowledge of the behavior of all of the animals featured, so they could have an idea of what kind of shots they could expect to take of these lil’ fellas in a controlled environment.

What makes this show good is the masterful editing, the hilarious narration and the incredible facts that you learn along the way. Did you know that it is estimated that ants eat around 60,000 hot dogs per year in New York City? For more mind-blowing tiny creatures facts, you should definitely check this one out!

Wild babies (2022)

Ah, the miracle of life. Even the most fearsome of animals start out their existence on our planet as cute little babies! This documentary is recommended for those who are in the mood to learn while also cooing at the sight of small lion cubs, elephant calves, seal pups, little pangolins and more. If you can think of a cute baby animal, this docu-series is very likely to have it!

This is a limited series that was released on Netflix earlier this year, and it has eight episodes that last around 20-35 minutes each. Through this show, we follow the early lives of animals all over the African continent, alongside the fantastic narration of Helena Bonham Carter. This one is the most “documentary-like” of the items on this list, as it is exactly what one expects a nature documentary to be: informative, entertaining and engaging. We watch the early lives of these young wild animals, and how they learn to adapt to the environment they were born in. We see them grow alongside their packs and families, face threats, and learn how to be independent. 

I recommend this show to those who have a small amount of time to burn, and are looking for some adorable content to complement their high. There might be more episodes on the way soon, too! 

My Octopus Teacher (2020)

Now, you’ve probably heard of this documentary film, but this list would not be complete without it. This is a full length feature that actually won an Academy Award in the Documentary category, and it follows the story of the filmmaker Craig Foster as he develops an unlikely friendship with a wild common octopus in a South African Kelp Forest. Over the span of one hour and a half, we get to enjoy the amazing photography of Mr. Foster and his engaging interviews where he relates his experience deep-sea diving and interacting with the ocean. He began recording his dives in 2010, so this gem of a film took ten years to develop. 

Frankly, this has to be my favorite documentary out of this list. I’ve watched it more than once, and every single time I feel full of wonder and amazement. The ocean is an incredible place, and the animals that inhabit it are just as mesmerizing. I didn’t really know much about octopi before watching this, but in this film we get to learn about their habits, growth and life cycle. I found this film to be very heart-warming as well, as we watch the filmmaker and free diver forge a relationship with this small animal. 

If you’re looking to be amazed and trip on the role of humans in relationship with nature and family, this should definitely be your pick.

Let me know which ones you enjoyed in the comments, or recommend some of your own favorites!


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