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Hiding The Smell Of Weed

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As fun as the hobby of cannabis is, nobody really likes when a strong smell lingers in the air, and just like tobacco, thousands upon thousands of different advice exists when it comes to the best way of hiding the smell of weed.

In fact, it is not surprising that every experienced pothead has their own tips and tricks to disguise, or even eliminate, the smell of weed that stays behind after lighting up a joint, and we all remember with some nostalgia the first time we needed to hide it before other people, most often your parents, noticed.

So in the spirit of maintaining everything fresh, we present you with the best methods to hide the smell of cannabis, rigorously tested by experts, so you know what to do the next time you need that smell gone. Good luck!


Take some precautions first

First of all, it’s often a good idea to take some steps before you light a joint to prevent the smell of getting out of control. Air fresheners and essential oil diffusers, as well as incense, are some of the most common solutions, as they can help you dramatically reduce the dank, lingering smell of a good joint. Also, never underestimate the power of ventilation, as even a small fan can help the smell to dissipate more easily.


Keep your weed covered

Not only keeping your weed in a closed glass jar will help you keep it fresher for longer, but as you may know already, the odor of weed is very strong even before lighting it up. So in the best interest of your furniture and cupboards, make sure the lid is tight after each session.

This also goes for everything that might be left over after an afternoon of relaxation; be sure to dispose of anything in your ashtrays or pipes to avoid them smelling up your place.

Check out some grinders and pipes that include odor proof packing to store them when you finish using them.


Consider a pipe or one hitter

We know that the ritual of rolling up your own joints is a cherished tradition of weed culture, but also that same doobie is the smelliest way you can smoke your cannabis. If the smell is a concern of yours, then you may want to consider using a pipe or a one hitter for your chill sessions, as they don’t let too much smoke escape, thus saving your clothes and furniture from acquiring that most delicate eau of cannabis.


Prepare a pot of coffee

Here’s a tip for the other potheads out there: the aroma of coffee is extremely effective at disguising the smell of weed, so apart of having some delicious coffee to help you daze off after getting high as a kite, everyone else would just smell the cup of joe you prepared, instead of the fat joint. Great trick, huh?


Keep a box of baking soda handy

The traditional advice to keep your fridge from collecting smells is keeping an open box of baking soda inside, and in fact, that’s also a great way to prevent the marijuana odor from impregnating everything in a room. Just take a handful of it, press it into a small brick and keep it close to your favorite smoking spot; you will notice how the smell clears easier than before.


Showers are a must

Okay, but what if the smell is coming from you? The smell of weed is very easy to cling to your hair, so we recommend you to take a long shower after every cannabis session. Not only will it refresh you, it will prevent this strong aroma from following you everywhere, so don’t forget it!


Consider a smoke filter

Nowadays, smoking pot is much more accepted than before, so you can find a long range of solutions for everything weed-related, and smoke filters are one of the most popular for a reason. We recommend one with carbon filters, as those have a long duration and effectively eliminate any odors, so this one is an easy choice. Also air purifiers can work for this.


Have some “weed clothes” ready

Washing your clothes after every smoking session is a very common advice, but not exactly doable unless you only smoke when it’s time to do laundry. But seeing how easy it is for the smell of weed to cling to your clothes, maybe you should consider an alternative: have some old clothes dedicated to your smoking sessions. Sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets… Anything that you can use over your normal clothes and shield them from the smell. Still, don’t forget to wash them from time to time!


Cook something delicious

And finally, a solution that also takes into account the munchies you will likely have after an afternoon of joints: cook something with punch. Things that include (non-weed) herbs, garlic, onions, spices and sauces are great at masking any leftover smells and saving you from going hungry, so you are just killing two birds with one stone. 

As we said, everyone has their own tricks to mask the smell of weed, and although we can wholeheartedly agree that some of them don’t plain work (like the towel under the door trick, which is fooling no-one, or burning toast to hide the weed smell, which results in even worse odor), we ones we told you up there have the HOJ guarantee of success. And if you have your own tricks to share, please tell us! The weed community can always use a new tip when it comes to enjoying our favorite hobby to the fullest. 

So happy chillax afternoon, take your measures and please share it with a pothead in need of advice!


Author: Shaggy

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Sploofs are essential if trying to hide smoke from someone in the house (or soon to be). Even vaping requires a sploof for 100% discretion.

Pot breath is a far bigger concern than smells on your hair and clothes. Immediately brush your stank teeth, or pop four or six Altoids in your mouth. When you smell pot stank in public, it’s likely somebody’s breath.

Always smoke outside, if practicable.

Grinding weed releases galactic amounts of terpines, and these things linger far longer than smoke… use a room purifier when you grind, or grind it outside.

Keep all your stash in smell-proof containers. Besides the dope itself, there are pokers, scrapers, digital scales, a dozen lighters, 2 or 3 grinders, rolling machines, cleaning brushes, bong adapters for your vaporizer, yada, yada, yada times a hundred. All of that drug paraphernalia can and does get pot stank. If you can’t isolate the smell, clean it with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Buy many jugs of this.

I could go on for days about this topic.

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