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The Most Expensive Weed Strains

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When buying marihuana, most people look for a good enough product at a cheap price. And you know? That’s fine and all, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself. 

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about the best dispensaries in some of the funnest cities in the US––Seattle, Las Vegas, Portland, and Los Angeles, and I’ve noticed how each city’s dispensaries have their own center of attention. 

Pot shops in Seattle and Portland, for instance, tend to focus on offering lots of discounts for you to just buy from them. They also focus on making programs that give back to their community. 

Las Vegas dispensaries on the other hand thrive by being open all day, every day, and they tend to have lots of discounts as well to capture the attention of their tourists–––it wasn’t really a surprise for me when I found out that the biggest weed dispensary in the world is in there. 

However, when I started researching dispensaries in Los Angeles, I found that they don’t give a crap about offering discounts to lure locals or tourists. Their dispensaries just want you to know that they have the top of the line products. Period. And I love this! I’m even planning a trip to LA in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to simply treat myself with some high end weed.

So, this article is for those of you who want the best of the best. Those who have the best pipe and the best grinder in the market and cannot wait to fill them with the best products out there, even if it’s just for special occasions. Here’s a list of the most expensive weed strains in the US.

White Fire OG

Average price per ounce: 600

Average percentage of THC: 30%

According to Leafy, this is a hybrid marijuana strain known for its uplifting and cerebral effects. The White Fire OG got its name from its “parents”, as it is made by crossing Fire OG and The White. It is commonly used by medical marihuana consumers to treat anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain and appetite loss, but it is also popularly used for social and creative purposes as well. 

Loud Dream

Average price per ounce: $800

Average percentage of THC: 26%

This is an indica-dominant strain that is mainly used among consumers who seek feelings of happiness and high focus. It tends to have a sweet earthy flavor.

Cannabis Caviar

Average price per ounce: $1400

Average percentage of THC: 5-20%

This strain is made possible through a combination of Grape Rhino kief with Grape Rhino hash oil and Grape God. Its very high percentage of THC is sure to make you relax with just one hit. Some users say that it has been useful for relieving chronic pain, hyperactivity, insomnia and even neuropathy. Besides, it has a sweet chocolatey flavor!

Fruity Pebbles

Average price per ounce: $200

Average percentage of THC: 18%

This is personally my favorite weed strain––it’s just so bright and colorful! And it even tastes a little bit like Fruity Pebbles! This strain brings happy and energetic feelings, while it also allows you to be focused and functional. And just like the cereal, it has a sweet and fruity flavor.

Isla OG

Average price per ounce: $800

Average percentage of THC: 27%

According to Leafy, this is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Legend OG with Orange Blossom Trail. This particular strain has become more popular since it was featured in rapper 2 Chainz’s web series Most Expensivest Shit. It is cured and kept into aluminum canisters to keep it fresh. It is said to have a pineapple flavor and aroma, and it's simply great for an euphoric experience. 


So, grind your weed, fill your pipe and have the most relaxing and luxurious fun nature and labs can produce!


Author: Haze


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