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What Are The Properties Of The Best Rolling Papers?


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What is left to be said about the humble joint? A staple of cannabis consumption everywhere, we could argue that grinding your favorite weed strain (with your favorite grinder on hand, of course) just as you like it, and rolling a joint to relax after a hectic day is the cornerstone of pot culture as a whole.

Everyone has their technique, everyone has a story about their first time rolling, and everyone can agree that passing a joint around is almost a sacred ritual that often leads to the most fun and chills you can have. However, what makes a joint work? What is the secret behind rolling the best one? Well, it’s all on the paper, baby. Really! So let’s talk about the properties of the best rolling papers, where to buy rolling papers right now, and what you need to understand to select the best rolling papers out there. 

Let’s go!

What are rolling papers?

As you may already know, a rolling paper is a thin, typically rectangular piece of paper used to make cigarettes or joints for smoking tobacco or cannabis. Rolling papers are made from various materials, including rice, hemp, flax, and wood pulp. They are usually sold in booklets or packs and come in different sizes, flavors, and thicknesses. Rolling papers are an essential tool for those who prefer to roll their cigarettes or joints and are commonly used by pot smokers around the world, becoming a skill that everyone has to master at some point. But what is the best technique to roll the perfect joint? Well, while every stoner has their own style, the experts at HØJ recommend the following instructions to ensure your joint is perfect in every way.

HAMP rolling kit and hemp rolling papers around
HAMP rolling kit and hemp rolling papers around (HØJ Media)​​)

How to use rolling papers the right way?

How to roll a joint step by step:

STEP 1 - Prepare materials & grind weed.

First off, prepare your materials. Start by grinding (or slicing) your cannabis to a consistent texture. Then, prepare your rolling papers by separating them from the pack and filling any creases.

STEP 2 - Make or get a filter.

Make a filter from a small piece of cardboard or rolling paper. This will help prevent loose pieces of cannabis from getting in your mouth. If you're having trouble making your own filters from scratch, make sure you buy some rolling papers that include filters with it.

STEP 3 - Place the filter.

Place the filter at one end of the rolling paper to prevent loose pieces of cannabis from getting in your mouth. IMPORTANT! Make sure the sticky strip is facing up.

STEP 4 - Add ground cannabis to the rolling paper.

Add the ground cannabis, sprinkling it along the length of the rolling paper. Make sure it's evenly distributed and not too dense, otherwise, it will not burn correctly when you light it. Here's a guide on how to fix a joint when it burns unevenly.

STEP 5 - Shape your joint.

Now, shape the joint using your fingers, making a cylinder with the filter at one end. This is the most simple and easiest form to roll a joint. If you had become an expert, here are some instructions on how to roll a joint in different shapes: donut, diamond, scorpion, boat joint, etc. 

STEP 6 - Start rolling.

Do the “tuck and roll” using your thumbs and forefingers, rolling the paper back and forth, and tucking in the cannabis as you go. Use your tongue to lick the sticky strip and seal the joint.

STEP 7 - Pack, twist and smoke!

Finally, pack and twist: Use a pen or pencil to gently pack the cannabis down into the joint. Twist the end of the joint to seal it and give it a final shape. 

You are ready to light it up!

If after reading these steps you still need extra help to roll the perfect joint, read this extensive explanation and you'll become a pro.

Rolling a joint with ground weed, a filter and both hands
Rolling a joint with ground weed, a filter and both hands (Envato)​​

How to choose the best rolling papers?

However, as it should be obvious, to make a perfect joint like this, you also need the perfect rolling paper. The features of the best rolling papers for cannabis can vary based on personal preferences, but generally, the following features are considered critical to ensure the quality of the final joint (and the smoking session that you will have):

- Size

Rolling papers come in different sizes, such as regular, king-size, and  1¼. From phat rolls to humble thins, always choose the size that suits your needs and style. The bigger the joint, the most it would last... of course, this depends on the frequency of your smoke.

- Material

As we already said, rolling papers are made from different materials, such as rice, hemp, flax, and wood pulp. Choose a material that burns evenly, and smoothly, and doesn't leave an unpleasant taste. If you're looking into buying some hemp rolling paper, don't forget to check HAMP papers.

- Flavor

Some rolling papers are flavored, such as fruit, mint, or chocolate... this might help make your joints taste a bit better. Select a flavored rolling paper that complements the taste of your cannabis, or opt for unflavored papers if you prefer a more natural taste.

HAMP rolling papers kit with ariflow filters, cannabis bud and grinding weed with KLIP slicer
HAMP rolling papers kit with ariflow​​ filters, cannabis bud and grinding weed with KLIP slicer (HØJ Media)
2 pack of HAMP rolling papers kits in hand (HØJ Media)
2 pack of HAMP rolling papers kits in hand​​ (HØJ Media)

- Thickness

The thickness of the rolling paper can affect the burn rate and the flavor of your smoke. Thicker papers tend to burn slower, while thinner papers tend to burn faster. Have in mind how long you want your smoking session to last! 

- Glue

Rolling papers have a strip of glue along one edge to seal the joint. Choose a paper with high-quality glue that sticks well and doesn't affect the taste of your smoke, or you’ll get more than cannabis when inhaling.

- Sustainability

Consider choosing rolling papers that are made from sustainable materials and are eco-friendly, such as hemp or unbleached paper, keeping everything green in every way possible. HAMP rolling papers are considered a 100% eco-friendly choice as they are made out of unbleached hemp and colored with organic soy ink.

- Brand reputation

Choose a reputable brand with a good track record of producing high-quality rolling papers. Talking about high-quality cannabis brands, HØJ is no exception in that. Its top sellers, KLIP slicer and KØL 2.0 pipe had been recognized as the best grinder and most innovative pipe by Herb and WeedTimes.

And it might not look like it, but that last point is essential. The brand of a rolling paper is important for several reasons; different brands can vary in quality, with some being thicker, thinner, or made from a variety of materials. A good brand will typically use high-quality elements to ensure that their papers burn evenly, smoothly, and without imparting any unwanted flavors. Furthermore, a good brand will produce papers that are consistent in size, shape, and quality, making it easier for you to roll joints consistently and predictably. And finally, some brands have built up a strong reputation for producing high-quality rolling papers based on their long-standing presence in the market, the quality of their products, or both. So if you want to know where to buy rolling papers, look no further than HØJ.

HØJ is a reputable brand that ensures you're getting a reliable product that lives up to the quality of your weed. As a brand committed to sustainability and using eco-friendly materials, such as hemp or unbleached paper, HAMP is a cool rolling paper that HØJ cooked up to enhance your smoking experience like no other. Alongside sustainable practices that help reduce your environmental impact while you enjoy your smoke, you even have the chance to find an amazing golden ticket that will make your stoner sessions even better. Overall, while the brand of rolling paper you choose may not make or break your smoking experience, it can certainly have an impact on the quality, consistency, and sustainability of your smoke, so always make sure to select the best rolling papers and experience the best bowls of kush that you will ever have. 

Thanks for reading, and until next time!

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