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How to Roll a Donut Joint


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Rolling a joint is one of the basics for any stoner since it is a classic way of enjoying cannabis. Many stick to this method of consumption as they feel they are crafting something for their own, appreciating a not-so-recognized ability. Even if you don’t believe it, rolling a joint takes skills and years of experience. 

However, after a while of being a regular user of joints, you look for an improved experience, something that is able to bring the same punch you would feel at the beginning when you first started in the green world. Fortunately, stoners are always reinventing themselves and the great art of rolling, therefore coming up with new and innovative techniques to smoke your herb while keeping and respecting the joint’s endearing form.

So, what’s the next level? The donut joint is a mind-blowing method that surprisingly doesn’t take as much effort of extra materials as many crazy joints out there require. This type of joint is the perfect example of ‘‘the simpler the better’’, and it is totally worth trying. That is why we have made an easy-to-follow guide for you in case you’re interested in learning how to roll a donut joint.

How to Roll a Donut Joint

It is called a donut joint due to the piece of concentrate you place between two layers of the ground-up marijuana. Once you light up your joint, it begins to melt and distribute inside forming a bubbling ‘hole’ in the middle of the top of the joint. You can clearly see that it truly resembles a donut. Some get confused and think this is just a plumber’s joint but the difference is significant. A plumber’s joint incorporates a toothpick or a similar object in the middle so the joint burns slower.

What you will need are the basic materials for a regular joint: rolling paper, a crutch, your chosen strain, and a grinder. However, you will also need to add a concentrate to this formula. Hash rosin works best but shatter is good too. Actually, any concentrate that's stable enough to be molded by your hands should be fine.


  • Prepare a crutch. You can purchase them or make a couple with anything made of cardboard and then put them together to achieve a thick filter tip.
  • Grind your bud to the right consistency. Not too much because you don’t want to ruin the airflow later.
  • Grab 1 rolling paper, make sure it is completely flat, and place it on a tray. Put half of the ground weed on it, forming a thin flat layer.
  • Take about half of a tea tablespoon of the concentrate you picked.
  • Like if you were playing with clay, mold the concentrate to create a ‘snake’. Roll the concentrate on the palm of your hand, using two fingers gently applying pressure depending on how soft the concentrate is. 
  • You should have a snake of 1 inch in length approximately. Place it 1 inch or 1.5 inches far from the top, right in the middle of your roll.
  • Take the rolling paper by the corners, thus the weed will fall over the concentrate as it was covering it. Pour the rest of the product you saved previously. 

Note: Please ensure there is no visible concentrate or your roll could burn poorly and the desired donut shape will be ruined as well.

  • Start to roll lightly and softly the joint in a way that you don’t squish the concentrate and you lose the cylindrical build it has.
  • For the final touches, tap the roll and pack it down delicately.
  • Light up the joint and see how the donut appears as the concentrate melts. You will probably need to let it ash a couple of times before you see the donut arise, but it will be there.

There you go, the perfect donut joint. Now you can get a different new high and it will hit you harder thanks to the shatter, wax, or whatever you decided to put in it. With every toke you will feel the concentrate bubbling, you will receive an enhanced smoke that promises a really good session. This amazing combo will make you try this again more often, it will break the routine, and you will want to share it with friends.

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

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