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How to Roll a Boat Joint

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There are thousands of ways you can roll a joint. As decades go by, more people come up with new approaches to have success creating a neat and pretty piece one can enjoy without trouble. 

Not many know the fine art of rolling a joint correctly, and for beginners, it is one of the basics that could take them more time than they wished. However, there exists a technique known to be the perfect one to not fail even once. Nevertheless, it still has tricky parts you have to be careful with if you don’t want to ruin something that is already simple to do.

The boat is the technique we are talking about. It helps you build a joint wasting less weed that falls out while in the process, and the final structure is the same as rolling a cone. Therefore, you have more product inside the piece and a smoother hit that is gentle with your lungs.

Are you up to try it out? We will teach you, step by step, how to roll a boat joint.

How to Roll a Boat Joint


  • Cannabis strain of your preference
  • King size rolling papers
  • A KLIP or any other weed grinder
  • Filter tip


  • Step 1: Grind for about 10-15 seconds or until you feel your herb has the right consistency. Make sure it is not too fine, since this will block the airflow the joint will need to guarantee a smooth smoke.
  • Step 2: Grab the paper so the glue stripe is facing you, then pinch and twist one of the edges where the fold is inwards, towards you to create the boat. You should have something resembling a long empty bouquet wrapping.  This twisted end is what secures the joint and where you will begin to place the ground weed.
  • Step 3: Load a generous amount to start and then a little bit less at the end, where the crutch will be placed. This is to make sure you will get the cone shape we are looking for. Pack down lightly as you fill up the paper.

Here you will shape your weed with your fingers, with a back and forth motion like you were rubbing them together until you see it resembles a cylinder. Then, tuck the side with no glue in it so you can lick and seal till the middle of the joint.

  • Step 4: Tear a piece of cardboard and fold 3 or 4 times like an accordion and roll the rest over around the center, leaving some space on the side so no bits are inhaled into your mouth. The crutch needs to be really tight and the length of one phalanx approximately. 

Grab that filter tip and insert it at the rolling end. Lick the rest of the glue stripe and seal it completely. You will have the cone shaped joint but notice next to the twisted tip there is a kind of small empty pocket, so twist off  further grabbing the other tip as well forming two in one.

You can try to burn that tip off, but it will take long since it is thick and twisted, and if you try to tear with your teeth or hands, an accident is likely to happen. To crown your joint, push down the top and pinch around the edges. This will push any loose cannabis towards the filter and tighten the joint. 

It should look something like a candle with its wick. Use a lighter to burn those edges slightly and pull up the tip, which will come off with no struggle  if you have done it right. Voilà! A neat top that will ensure the joint burns evenly.

Now you have the perfect boat joint, ready to be lit. In case you feel adventurous and want to learn other rolling techniques, you can check out how to roll a braided joint or a cross joint.

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