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Can You Dab Kief?


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Maybe you ran out of wax, but your grinder kief collector is full, and you want to give it a try in your dabber. However, can you actually dab kief? And if so, what would be the proper way to do it? 

Kief, also known as pollen, is the collection of tiny trichomes that cover the plant’s surface after it is broken away and separated out, leaving behind what looks like a beige or green powdery substance. Kief is the most potent part of the cannabis plant in terms of cannabinoids and terpenes.

You should be able to extract kief from almost every bud, and doing it is actually really easy. If you are familiarized with weed grinders, then you know that normally kief is separated from the rest of the cannabis matter once you shred cannabis flower in your weed grinder. The kief catcher tray at the bottom of your grinder slowly fills with green to beige powder over time as you mulch more and more buds.

But, can you smoke kief? Kief can be enjoyed in a lot of different ways. It is a great choice sprinkled over a weed bowl or just as a kief bowl by itself. Of course, you must know that it will be much more potent than a plain pot bowl burning some leaf. You can also vape it, cook with it, or use it as a topping for some meals and drinks.

Now that you know what kief is, let's discuss whether you can dab kief.

Can you Dab Kief?

Although a short answer to this question would be yes, it is not as simple as that. You would have to process your kief to be able to dab it. Moreover, unless you have super dank kief made especially for dabbing, it will likely gum up the nail. However, you can dab kief as kief oil or as hash oil, or even as a solid hash.

To dab kief, you must use a full melt - dry sift kief method. This type of kief hash contains nearly exclusively trichome heads if done correctly. When making this type of hash, you must not blend or grind your cannabis flowers too much, or the plant material will make it through the filter screen. When this process is correctly done, your cannabis is fully cured, decarboxylated, and then crushed onto the top layer of your bubble bag or sift screen. 

A Full Melt Bubble Hash Ice Water extraction method typically includes 5 to 7 filter bags in 190-160-110-90-73-45-25 micron sizes. Dry sift kief screens are more like 250-165-149-75 stacked micron screen sizes. The 25-micron bag will have your highest potency, most pure THC or CBD for kief dabbing. On the other hand, the 75-micron layer will drop fluffy golden pollen.

To solve the problem that some users highlight of kief sticking to your dab nail, you can try to press kief. This way, you will have a more suitable consistency for a dab rig.

As you can see, it is possible to dab kief as long as you modify its consistency. Although these methods are quite difficult to achieve, they will give you the possibility of dabbing your potent pollen.


Love to learn new ways to dab and process flower.


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