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How to Roll a Kief Joint


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 Look at any cannabis flower. Do you see those fine white hairs covering all its surface? They are called trichomes, which are dried resin glands that produce a fine powder called kief. Mostly found on flower buds, they are also seen on the leaves of the cannabis plant. 

Traditionally, kief is heated and pressurized into a delicious honey called hashish. This is the most convenient way to store large amounts of it. Nevertheless, it can also be vaporized or smoked in either form. Among the many different methods of consumption, we find a kief rolled joint If you want to learn how to roll a kief joint,  keep reading.

How To Roll A Kief Joint

Why just crown your bowl when you can make a whole joint with that hard-earned pollen that you've been saving for so long? We have gathered 5 crazy ways to roll a kief joint that will blow your mind. However, if you are a novice smoker, be careful. A kief joint is better for those whose tolerance has gotten so high that they no longer can get the same fulfillment from a simple joint.


  • Kief
  • Grinder with kief catcher
  • Hash oil
  • Rolling papers
  • Filter (some are included in the rolling kit)
  • King-size rolling paper or blunt (only for method 4)
  • Your favorite cannabis strain 
  • Clean flat surface
  • Dabbing tool
  • Small brush or butter knife
  • A flat iron and wax paper (Only for method 5)
  • Lighter

Step 1: Collect Your Kief

If you have a 4-piece grinder, half of the job is ready. If you take a look at the bottom chamber, you will realize that you have a mound of it already. KLIP is a grinder that accumulates and generates most kief on the market.

For extracting larger quantities of kief, you can make shift sifters by using layered kief screens. To make sure you are collecting the cleanest kief without unwanted plant matter, stack three to four layers of fine mesh screen one on top of another.

Another quick option is to go to the nearest local marijuana dispensary or smoke shop to buy extracted kief. Pay attention to its color to make sure that you are buying a refined pollen. Keep in mind that the purer the kief, the lighter the color will be. If it looks greenish, it means that there is plant matter mixed in with the kief, whereas if it tends to be more of an off-white color, it means that it has been cleaned well.

Step 2: Choose Your Favorite Method 

Method 1: Twax Joint

The first method is here to give you an insane punch. Start by grinding your favorite cannabis bud and proceed to roll a regular joint, avoiding cone-shaped ones. Make sure the roll is nice and tight so that there is no chance to spill out some of your marijuana. Once you’ve got a perfect joint, carefully spread your kief out on a flat surface, using your dabbing toll. 

With the help of a small brush or butter knife, nicely distribute a thin layer of hash oil over the whole outside part of the joint or just in a long spiral shape, looking like a snake tube. Then, roll it around in the kief until the whole joint is covered in a perfect dusting of extra-potent pollen. When you’re done, scoop any leftover kief back into your stash. If you end up with a sticky mess in your hands, you can rub alcohol and coconut oil. 

Definitely buds, oil and kief make a great trio. When it is done properly, this Holy Trinity will take you to the gates of heaven once you light this sweet treat up.

Method 2: Cannabis Burrito

No more kief will fall off the outside of your joint with this technique. Flip the situation by doing the entire twax joint process on the inside of the joint. We guaranteed no one man will be left behind. 

Begin with gently spreading a thin layer of oil lengthwise down the middle of the rolling paper. Now, sprinkle some kief on top of the oil. Line up the filter at the end of one side of your paper and fill it up with your ground bud. Wrap your cannabis burrito up the way you normally would roll a regular joint and enjoy.

Method 3: The Killer Combo

If you liked Method 1 and Method 2, you are definitely going to love this one, since it is a combined version of both. 

Make your line of oil and kief on the inside of the rolling paper. Then lay it open and fill it with ground bud. Now roll it up and then spread another layer of oil on the outside part of the joint.

Once you have done that, roll your joint around in some kief and there you go: The Killer Combo. Next time you smoke with some friends, surprise them with one of these. We assure you that they will be as high as a kite.

Cannabis kief powder in a kief catcher
Cannabis kief powder in a kief catcher (Merry Jane)

Method 4: Inception Joint

Feel like in the Inception movie with this nonsense joint. For this method you will need a generous amount of kief.

First, grab your rolling paper and proceed to fill it up only with kief and roll it up. Next, grab a bigger rolling paper and spread some ground herbs evenly. Then, put that kief joint in the middle of it and roll it up.

If you can't stop until you get enough and you want to go crazy, take this joint to the next level and get more kief. Afterward, distribute your pollen out on a flat surface and proceed to spread carefully a thin layer of hash oil over the whole outside part of the joint and roll it around in the kief just like method 1.

Once you have covered it all up with that fairy dust, you can either grab another king-sized paper to roll it up one more time or just leave it that way.

Method 5: Create Your Own Kief Paper

Start with turning on your flat iron to its lowest setting. Get your wax paper and fold it in half and gently crease it. Then, proceed to lay it open making sure it stays this way. Grab a pile of kief and place it into the paper and uniformly spread a thin layer by using a dull knife.

Next, fold your wax paper, leaving the pollen right in the middle. Now, press the warm flat-iron on the kief that rests between the wax paper for about 10 seconds until it changes its color.  Keep in mind that the goal is to flatten your dry sift into a rectangular shape. If it is too difficult for you, try creating a flat round shape, just like a tortilla. 

Once your kief has turned into a solid layer, gently peel the wax paper away and roll your creation into a cone shaped joint. Pinch one end of your kief joint closed and wait a few minutes until it is hard enough. Load up with your finest ground dry herbs into the other end side.

Finally, open the closed end by using your fingertips to add some pressure, and that’s it. You’re ready to be your friend’s hero once you light up this beauty.

If you want to get the kief joint experience but you don't know where to start exactly here's some advise… start by purchasing a good-quality rolling kit that will make the process easier for you. HAMP is a great option for it, if you're into hemp rolling papers. And KLIP slicer is the key to success too with its kief catcher integrated into the bottom chamber.

So stop asking around and start rolling!

Simon Folmann
Simon V. Folmann

Simon Folmann

Simon is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor in the cannabis industry. He’s the founder and CEO of HØJ; a revolutionary high-end cannabis accessories company. His mission is to change the way we experience the herb and enhance people’s smoking experience through knowledge and unique products.

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NEVER use wax paper!! Parchment paper, not wax paper for anything heated. If you use wax it will mely into your product & nobody should be smoking wax!


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