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Why Do You Grind Weed, and How To Do It?

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To grind or not to grind? That is the question.

Some smokers carry on with their lives without finding out the wonders of grinding because they prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, by using their fingers to break down the flower buds. 

Whichever way you prefer, it’s a fact that owning a high-quality grinder on hand is vital to maximize weed’s strength, its fragrance, the way it tastes, and of course, the effect it has on your body.

In this article, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of grinding weed with a grinder, and we’ll answer the burning question: Why do you grind weed?

Pros and cons of grinding weed with a grinder

Let’s start with the pros, shall we?

  • You’ll save time.

Contrary to popular belief, grinding is an easy breezy job. Most people find it time-consuming because it’s a step before actually smoking it, but if you spend a bit of time carrying out this task, it will help you loads after.

The truth is that a grinder will work much faster than your fingers will; just think about chopping a gram of weed, twisting and turning your fingers when you can just throw it into your grinder. I promise grinding it will do the magic trick for you.

  • It prevents your fingers from getting all sticky.

Allow me to get all smart here, will you?

Your weed is covered in trichomes, which are the sticky glands that wrap the flower buds and some small leaves of the cannabis plant.

Trichomes will get your fingers all sticky, and you will probably struggle to roll your papers or your blunt wraps in the most effective way. So if you want to prevent your hands from all that washing and the constant smell of marijuana, just use a grinder! 

  • Your joint will last longer.

Remember what I said about the trichomes? Well, trichomes are also responsible for maintaining the herb’s potency and consistency, and those tiny hair-like structures on the weed can easily get in your fingers if you chop them manually. 

If you want to prevent your joint from burning quickly and losing its potential, a grinder is the best option for you. Remember that the tighter your joint is, the more consistent it will be, hence the slower it will burn. The only way of achieving that tight joint is by fine-grinding it!

  • Collect hash.

As you’ve probably noticed, trichomes are incredibly relevant to the smoking experience. According to Wikipedia, Hash is another word for trichomes, which are the cannabis concentrate product composed of compressed, or purified preparations of stalked resin glands.

Leafy’s dictionary defines hash as the “compacted cannabis resin (also called kief) that is brown and more potent than cannabis flower. Cannabis flower is covered in glands that produce a sticky resin containing essential compounds like THC and CBD.”

Some grinders include multiple chambers that are made to collect the hash as well, so whenever you clean your device, you can access that chamber and collect the hash that you’ve been storing from grinding! 

An idea is to sprinkle the hash on top of your joint mix or on your baking mix; you’ll have an extra hit, trust me.

And concerning the cons… 

  • You’ll have one less thing to carry around. 

Everyone appreciates having one less thing to worry about; your weed kit won’t be heavier, and you’ll save the trouble of doing this step.


  • You won’t control how big or small your want the flower broken down.

By chopping the weed with your fingers, you can decide its size. It’s all a matter of preference if you want your flower buds to be smaller or larger, so it’s really up to you!

The best weed grinder

There are many types of grinders, from electric grinders to single chamber grinders and even three-chamber grinders. Some say that the best kind of grinder doesn’t exist because it varies from one person to another depending on your budget, preference, and needs. However, I am here to tell you about the ultimate grinder that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Look, if I’ve convinced you to use a grinder from now on, you definitely have to check the perfect weed grinder ever to exist: KLIP.

KLIP has been nominated and actually won several awards as “best grinder” by HERB.CO here you can read the review they made about it. It’s also been mentioned by Forbes that KLIP has “changed [my] smoking experience.” 

As I mentioned before, there are obviously a ton of different grinders in the market, but what really makes the difference with KLIP is that it is a high-end product carefully produced with high-quality materials. This device is also easily assembled because of its magnets, making it very easy to clean.

If you’re interested in making kief, KLIP is the best choice to collect it because the grinder perfectly slices the herb instead of just grinding it as regular devices do. And the best part… It has a lifetime warranty, so the money you spend on it is totally worth it. You can rest assured that KLIP will last, you can read people reviews and questions on this product online. 

Pretty soon, we’re going to have a smaller KLIP size, which will make it easier to carry it around and always keep your weed perfectly sliced. Subscribe, so you’re the first one to find out!


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