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How Much Do Weed Pipes Cost?

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It is virtually impossible to set just one price for all the weed pipes available on the market right now. You can find pipes from $5 up to $10K, and there are some others that go way further on the price. Actually, there are some really cool weed pipes that have been sold in auctions for prices up to 1 million.

What Makes Weed Pipes Expensive

The price of a pipe varies depending on a series of things. For example:

The Materials The Pipe Is Made Of

From synthetic compounds, wood to glass and even gold. The price of the pipe is obviously related to the cost of the material that it's made of and weed pipes artists and creators have become pretty creative when it comes to pleasing and surprising their customers. From the most simple to the most intricate and extravagant of them. 

Glass is currently one of the most popular and reliable materials weed pipes are made of. This opened the doors for glassblowers and glass artists to show up their skills and there are some pipes that are rather more like a piece of art than just a smoking device.

The Art Work

There are some really cool and simple pipes available on the market. Some of them look really nice and fulfill their function pretty well and all for a reasonable price. But, there are some other ones that are truly original pieces of art

The Artist Who Made It

Sometimes just the name of the artist who made the pipe can increase the price a lot. This tends to happen the most with glass pipes and glass bongs. Actually one of those million dollar pipes we talked about earlier were made by really renowned glassblowers and that had a lot to do with the price that this pipe was sold at in auction.

Size and Form

The process of making a pipe is also really important when setting the price of it. As it's not the same making a pipe in a machine on an industrial way than hand making it or even glassblow it till shape it the form you want. There are some designs that are really intricate and difficult to reach and this is part of what usually makes a pipe also a work of art.

A small dry pipe at a local shop could probably cost between $15 - $50, maybe up to $100 depending on the material and how well the color work is done. We could say price is mostly based on looks, some of the cheapest ones are made out of very low quality glass. But you should be able to tell this based on the weight of it and if it has a fragile feeling. 

What To Look For in Weed Pipes

As forms and types of weed pipes vary on the market. Things you have to look in a weed pipe before making a purchase also do. So, we have listed a few things to look on for the most popular types of weed pipes currently used.

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes, as the name says, are usually made to fit in the palm of your hand and are ideal for casual smokers who perhaps like to smoke once a day before bed or even less.  These pieces mostly come in glass, although there are probably some plastic or metal variations available from certain online retailers.

Be careful though, as smaller glass hand-pipes can be exceptionally difficult to clean, and you’ll have to rinse it regularly with acetone if you want to keep your pipe looking pristine inside and out.

Water Pipes

Mostly used by experienced cannabis smokers, a water pipe, commonly called bong, it's definitely an upgrade to your old hand pipe. Water pipes have a percolation chamber which bubbles and converts the smoke into water vapor and lessens the harshness of your hit, making your experience much smoother and cleaner. These kinds of pipes can range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars or way more depending on the quality and potential for custom artistry.


These are small metal casings which you pack with a little bud and smoke like a cigarette. These can be useful in situations where you want to be at least mildly low-key about your cannabis usage.

Wood Pipes

If you are a distinguished gentleman, you might want to look into buying an old-fashioned gentleman’s pipe. This pipe can work just as well as a regular hand pipe depending on its make and model. Wood pipes can also lend a distinct flavor and texture to the hit that other pipes would not have, and can make for an excellent way to add variety to your smoking routine.

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