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How To Roll Without Papers


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After a long, tiring day, the only thing you can think of is to lay down, relax,  and of course, smoke a joint. But then, your plans are suddenly put off with a tragedy; you ran out of rolling papers. You finished them all and you forgot to stop by the head shop on the way home for a pack. Luckily, you may be the kind who is energetic and determined to find a solution. Everything in the name of cannabis.

You will find out that there are multiple simple options for replacements and alternatives to rolling papers in case you are not willing to go out and go to the store. Instead, following some of the creative solutions created by other smokers, and with some simple materials that lay around your house, you can learn how to roll a joint without papers.

What Can You Use As an Alternative To Rolling Papers

Replacing rolling paper for any of the following ideas is a nice way to make the most of a bad scenario while having fun in the making. That means that there is no need to rush out of the house to get something as with only a few everyday products you find laying around, all these alternatives can be crafted together effortlessly. Nothing too complicated.

Before you read the following alternatives, take into account this advice for your safety. You can find suggestions made by several other blogs or websites out there that include tin foil in their lists. Nonetheless, because of the toxic chemicals that can enter the body, we would strongly recommend against smoking something made from tin foil. Just don’t do it, even if it seems like an easy exit.

How To Roll A Joint With A Gum Wrapper

The first thing many users think of when they don’t have rolling paper at hand is gum wrap, and you may still be in luck if you happen to have a few sticks of gum in your pocket or bag. You don’t have to think hard to come up with this idea as the texture and material are similar to that of a hemp or rice rolling paper.

It is important to note that we are talking about the wraps made of paper only because, like it was stated before, those silvery foil wraps are not the best you can do for your health if you smoked out of it.  As a bonus, with a little assistance from your tongue, all the sticky sweet residual stuff left on the paper can help seal the joint together.

How To Roll A Joint Using Bible Pages

Everyone recalls trying to make magazines, receipts, school books, and regular printer paper a replacement to rolling paper at least once in their life as smokers. None of them really work correctly, and you will likely lose almost all of your cannabis while you attempt to complete the task of rolling a joint successfully with those. 

Also, as well as other rolling paper alternatives, receipt paper, and phone book paper don't always perform as you would expect. Receipts are covered with a thin layer of plastic and the ink is heavy, whereas phone book paper text and texture are not ideal either.

Fortunately, rolling with Bible pages is highly recommended to roll cannabis. This material is thin and many users say it rolls like normal paper rolls. The use of pages on the front or back without ink is preferred. Roll it up, just as you would with your conventional rolling papers, when you find the ideal inkless section. Since Bible paper has several common qualities with rolling paper, with enough saliva, it sticks extremely well.

How To Roll A Joint With Corn Husks

As a traditional method of consumption, many countries that produce both corn and cannabis use corn husks to roll joints. Sun-drying corn husks for later use as rolling papers is a common practice in South America, a territory that is globally praised for ranking countries with high-quality cannabis.

A piece of sweetcorn's outer layers can be dried and used as a natural rolling paper, and is possibly the safest alternative listed till now. The husk is known for being soft, flexible and fibrous without processing it and, even when dried, it preserves these qualities. Rolling is a bit more challenging, but with a few centimeters of string, it can be held together. When cannabis and husk are finally together, it brings a very special twist to the joint, besides eliminating the unpleasant papery taste one normally notices when smoking.

What materials to avoid using with joints

There are more warnings and things to avoid at all costs. No matter how desperate you are, don’t even try the following even if you think it can work:

  • Printer paper: They are bleached to achieve that immaculate white. If you avoid bleached rolling papers at all costs, it is only natural that you also avoid this alternative.

  • Newspaper: The chemicals present in a newspaper burn the throat, make you nauseous and dizzy, and they are highly dangerous. Nothing one would like to experience.

  • Toilet paper: Besides it is gross, it just doesn’t work at all. The texture isn’t consistent enough to be used, and we are sure the flavor won’t be particularly good, either.

In case you don’t have access to the alternatives mentioned above, rolling a joint without papers is not an option. Simply wait until you can purchase a new pack of quality rolling papers and make sure you don’t experience the same tragedy twice.

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