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How to Roll a Joint With a Pen

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Let’s admit it, not all of us have the fine motor skills to roll a pretty joint. Luckily, several tools, such as joint roller machines, can help you while you learn.

In case you don’t have a joint roller machine, there’s no need to worry. Suffer no more, fellow smoker, and grab a ballpoint pen, a pencil or if you feel like smoking a fatty, a felt tip pen. Let’s roll!

How to Roll a Joint with a Pen


  • Dry cannabis flower
  • Rolling papers
  • Filter tips or thin cardboard to make a filter
  • A KLIP or your preferred grinder
  • Flat rolling surface


Step 1

Take a leaf of your favorite rolling paper and wrap it snugly around the pen, leaving the glue strip edge free. Don’t do it too tight, or it will be challenging to get it out, and it might get damaged. If you wrap it too loose, it might as well lose its shape. As with Goldilocks, find the “just right” point.

Step 2

You can wet the shiny adhesive edge by licking it or dabbing it with a soft wet cloth, a lightly moistened paper towel, or a painting brush. The hard surface of the pen will help you get an excellent seal. Let it dry for a moment while you make the filter tip.

Step 3

Not everyone likes to put filters on their joints, so you can consider this step optional. However, a filter tip will help keep it in shape, prevent clogging, and give your fingers an excellent hold.

Take a thin strip of cardboard paper. Its width will be the length of your filter. You can cut out a piece of a business or index card, but almost always, the rolling paper envelope is right there, ready to lend you a strip.

There are two schools of thought about filter construction: one rolls the strip into a spiral, while the other prefers to fold it into a thin zigzag and finish with a wide circle around it. Whichever works for you will be best.

Now that you have a dried paper and a ready filter slide enough of the paper around the pen so that it lets you put the filter inside. Jiggle it a bit with your fingers to get a good fit.

Step 4

Have your ground marijuana ready in a tray so you don’t spill it. We recommend using the KLIP grinder as it will leave a perfect consistency for your herb, good enough to roll a joint with a pen.

You can also use the tobacco/weed mix of your preference. If you didn’t use a filter, slide a bit of the paper out of the pen and load it. Slide it out a bit more and repeat until it’s full. Use a thinner pen, the back of the brush, or a thinner object to pack it. Don’t pack it too tight, or the paper might tear. If you put a filter tip in your paper, slide it off entirely from the pen and load it from the other end, keeping good care not to pack it too tight.

A good, not too tight pinch will help compact the weed inside your joint and avoid spills. You might want to pinch and twirl the end of your joint. 

Step 5

This rolling method can be a bit time-consuming, but it gives excellent results when executed with care. Now that your joint is ready hold a flame to the tip. Roll it around to get it to burn evenly, and enjoy!

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