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How to Roll a Joint Without a Filter


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Joints are definitely the most iconic way to consume and enjoy cannabis. Ever since the first joint was lit, they have become a staple in cannabis communities. This is why every cannabis smoker should acquire the knowledge of how to roll a joint.

There are countless ways of rolling one, but today you will learn how to roll a joint without a filter. If you want to create one that burns smoothly and evenly without sucking any Scooby snacks, it is important to follow some important steps.

Do You Need a Filter For a Joint?

Although crutches add some stability to joints and avoid your grinded herbs from falling out by accident or into your mouth as you smoke, they aren't absolutely necessary. Just be careful when you smoke a joint without a filter; you don’t want to burn your fingertips.

How to Roll a Joint Without a Filter


We recommend using this amount of weed and this size of rolling papers to start off. This way, your joint will be more manageable to roll. Once you get the hang of how easy rolling actually is, you might use the amount and the size of rolling papers that you desire.

Step 1: Grind your herb

Once you have the cannabis strain of your choice, break it down with a herb grinder if you have one. Place one nug inside of it and twist it until you feel no resistance.

Check out if the strain that you have on hand it’s a sticky one. These ones are harder to grind. If this is the case, break down those nugs by hand first before you drop them inside your grinder’s chamber.

Using a herb grinder will make the whole process a lot easier, but if you don’t have one available, you can also use your fingers or try other alternatives to break down and grind your dry herbs.

Step 2: Fill your joint

Take one of your rolling papers, making sure that the sticky part of it is on the upper side. Turn it towards you and place your fine-grinded herbs into the paper. Spread these all through.

If you want to shape it as a cone, similar to a baseball bat, just put less weed at one end and more on the other side. If it is a straight one that you’re trying to make, just lay your herbs out evenly along the paper and proceed to pinch the bottom side of the paper, which is the non-sticky side, together with the upper side. Now that you have both tips together, the next thing to do is roll your soon-to-be joint.

Step 3: Shape it

Move your herb-filled paper back and forth between your thumb and index fingers and try to simultaneously press your weed down nice and gently. Make sure that you grasp it at both ends. Then, rub your fingers together, up-and-down and drag the bottom part of the paper downwards. Soon as you do this, it’s time to start rolling it up.

Step 4: Roll your joint

Tuck in the bottom side of the rolling paper and proceed to roll it. Your thumbs should be going upwards as you go. Take a pause to lick the sticky part of the upper side of the paper. Don’t rush, do it slowly while you keep rolling the joint until it is sealed.

Step 5: Use a packing tool

Some people consider that packing the joint properly is the hardest but important part about rolling a joint. Notice that if it is too tight, it will be hard to smoke, or if it is to floppy, it will burn fast and unevenly. For this reason, you might want to keep this in mind when you are packing it so it is done correctly, since this is the secret to avoid sucking any Scooby snacks.

You can either use a pencil, q-tip, bobby pin or similar shaped object to pack your herb in, by pushing it back. Do this on each side of your joint, and when you are done, pick one end of your joint to close it. Use your fingers to fold the paper just a little bit towards the inside. Be aware that if it is a cone-shaped spliff you are doing, you must close the thinner side of it.

Focus on the other side that remains open. Check if you dropped some bits of weed while you were rolling it. Grab these with your fingertips, put them inside, and continue packing. Finally, twist the excess paper that remains, making it look like a candle wick ready to be lit.

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Simon Folmann

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