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How to Roll a Baseball Bat Joint

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Rolling joints is the best way to share cannabis with friends. However, they may not be the easiest things to roll. Luckily for you, practice makes perfect, and we are here to help you.

Let's improve your smoking experience and show your friends how good you can roll a baseball bat joint in just five quick steps. This way, you will have a slightly better version of your typical joint that will make your herb burn better.

How to Roll a Baseball Bat Joint


  • Dry cannabis flower
  • Rolling papers
  • Filter tips or thin cardboard to make a filter
  • A KLIP or your preferred grinder
  • Flat rolling surface


Step 1

It is best to use a grinder to break down your dry herbs, leaving them as fine as possible. Beware of the seeds and stems you could find in it, and if you leave some resins in the grinder, do not worry. They will come off the next time. 

However, it is always nice to have your tasty trichomes in your flower. That is why we believe a KLIP grinder would be the best addition to your stoner tools. This perfect device protects the flower by slicing it instead of crushing it, leaving that beautiful resin rest with your ground flower.

Step 2

Although this is optional, adding a filter will bring stability when smoking a joint and help you avoid the terrible experience of having pieces of your herb get accidentally sucked into your mouth.

To make a joint filter, begin by cutting a small rectangular shape of your chosen filter material (index card, manila folder, business cards, etc.). Using that piece, create a small “M” shape or accordion-style shape at one end, making sure that you have enough unfolded paper to wrap entirely around the crutch. Then, roll until you reach your desired thickness so it can roll easily between your fingers.

Step 3

Most rolling papers usually come creased down the center, but it is better to tuck it before laying it open if yours doesn’t. 

Put your filter line up at the end of one side of your paper, fill the remaining center area of the opened form with your grinded herbs, using your crease as your center point, and add more cannabis on the opposite end of the filter and less as you get closer to it. When finished, your unrolled joint should resemble the shape of a baseball bat.

Step 4

Carefully pick up your set-up to roll it smoothly. Gently begin to roll the paper up and down between your thumb and index finger just slightly to compress the content. 

Now, hold the end with the filter and slowly slide your thumb fully across while simultaneously rolling the paper into its cone shape to make your joint tight and smooth. When the non-filter side begins to have limited paper remaining to roll, pause and lick the sticky-glue strip all the way across your paper. Once you have licked it, continue the rolling process until you can’t roll anymore and your baseball bat shape has officially formed.

Step 5

We are almost there! Pack it down by using the end of a pen and gently compacting the herbs through the fat cone-head or by tapping the filter-end of your joint on a table a few times, so you leave a gap between the ending of the ground herbs and the actual end of the paper. 

This is it! You can now twist and squeeze the remaining paper into a long tip, making the baseball joint fully complete!

A baseball bat joint allows you to hold significantly more weed than a typical joint. Otherwise, if you want to fit a good amount in your joint, it could be way too fat. It also looks fantastic, and you can show off your rolling skills a bit to your friends.

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