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How to Clean a Pipe with Baking Soda

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Cleaning a pipe, bong, or bubbler can be a tedious procedure. However, it is vital to learn how to clean it, especially for people who use glass pipes. After all, nothing is worse than buying a nice glass pipe and letting it get dirty. Of course, aesthetics are important, but we should clean them because the puffs will not taste good. Imagine buying good quality cannabis with delicious flavors only to waste them since the pipe’s residues will ruin the taste.

Nevertheless, one of the most important reasons we should learn how to clean them properly is to ensure no residues, bacteria, mold, and other substances get into our system, and extend your life equipment.

There are many different methods and ingredients to clean the pipes, one of the most popular, most accessible, and inexpensive to use is baking soda. It is natural and common to have in our homes; therefore, we do not need to buy anything.

How to Clean a Pipe with Baking Soda

All that is required is white vinegar and baking soda. Mixing these two ingredients will create a safe semi-abrasive chemical solution, enough for you to clean your pipes thoroughly. The vinegar will effectively help remove all types of resin and odors, while the baking soda will act as a water softener.


  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scrapper
  • Cotton swabs
  • Ziploc bag
  • Microporous tape

How to Clean a Glass Bong with Baking Soda

  • Use a cotton swab to clean the residues. If they are very stuck, then it is necessary to use a scrapper.
  • Remove the bowler and put it in a Ziploc bag, add a teaspoon of baking soda, a dash of vinegar, and fill the bag halfway with warm water. Shake the bag and let it rest.
  • Fill the bong with warm water, put a teaspoon of baking soda inside the mouthpiece, cover the downstem hole with microporous tape and shake well.
  • Use a cleaning brush to remove the baking soda that has adhered to the interior’s wet surface.
  • Pour a spoonful of vinegar, fill up the camber with warm water, cover the holes, and shake well.
  • Empty the solution and rinse the bong with warm water. Remove the bowler from the Ziploc bag and rinse it under running water. Use the cotton swab to remove any remaining sticky residue.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe with Baking Soda

  • Push a pipe cleaner into your device a couple of times to remove any obstructions.
  • Fill a container with warm water, add a tablespoon of baking soda and one of vinegar, place the pipe inside it, and let it soak for a few minutes.
  • Remove the pipe and rinse it well with warm water.
  • Push a pipe cleaner again and clean it thoroughly.

Glass pipes and bongs are very delicate instruments. Therefore, trying to clean pipes with boiling water could damage them if not correctly done.

How Often Should you Clean a Pipe

As frequently as possible, cleaning a bong or a pipe after one or two sessions would be easier because you would only need to rinse it. Do not let the residues accumulate, as it will make it more challenging to clean and you will not be able to enjoy the flavors of your herb.

At HØJ, we have taken into account how difficult it is to clean traditional pipes. After careful analysis and preparation, we managed to create a beautiful, functional, and easy-to-clean pipe. The KØL is a stylish and carefully designed pipe that will save you some time cleaning. Once you have finished your smoking session, you can split KØL by half. Then simply rub your cleanser on the surface and bowl for a couple of minutes, then it’s done. Cleaning a pipe couldn’t be easier, and HØJ has made it possible.

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