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How to Roll a Cyclone Joint

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If you have never been good at building anything from scratch, cyclone joints are your ultimate solution. Made by using natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water, these translucent, pre-rolled cones work tremendously and are straightforward to load. 

Don't confuse these with rolling papers. There are different kinds and flavors of cyclone cones available at any dispensary or head shop.  One of the best features of these cellulose cones is that they burn exquisitely slow and evenly. If you’ve never tried one of these, you’re missing out on an authentic smoking experience. 

Although we know that you’ll be able to craft up your joint one day, until you develop a higher ability and the proper technique to become a roller master, it’s ok to rely on pre-roll cones. This article is the step-by-step guide to how to roll a cyclone joint.

How to Roll a Cyclone Joint


  • Rolling tray or flat surface
  • KLIP or a traditional weed grinder.
  • One pack of pre-rolled Cyclone tubes (each one comes with two cones and stick to use as a packing tool)
  • Cone Loader and Card (optional)
  • Half gram of your favorite cannabis strain
  • Lighter


Step 1

Even though Cyclone Cones are known for burn slow and consistently, you must fill them with properly ground herbs; otherwise, they will clog or burn inadequately. To do so, grind your cannabis flower finely but not too thin by using a weed grinder. Knowing what the chopped weed’s correct size should be before filling the cone is essential to ensure an evenly smoking experience.

A KLIP grinder will effortlessly make all the hard work for you. Unlike traditional grinders that crush your weed, KLIP finely slices your herb at the perfect size while preserving your cannabis crystals’ integrity for an elevated smoking experience. Snap its fine-sized mesh and give it a frictionless turn for instantly fine, fluffy herbs. 

If you don't have either of these two, you can also use scissors, a knife, or your fingers to grind your cannabis buds.

Step 2

On top of a clean rolling tray or flat surface, pour your herb grinder's contents. Start by adding in the cannabis from the top. Grab handfuls of it and shove them down to the center of the tube with the help of your packing tool. If this results too messy for you, you can lay down the pre-rolled cone and brush the cannabis into it from the side. 

To succeed in this step flawlessly without spilling any material, use a cone loader. Inspired by the classic broom and dustpan, this tool serves specifically for loading pre-rolled cones ten times faster. After you grind your herbs, simply slide the cyclone joint over the narrow, tapered tip of the loader, push it in, and it will stay stuck on there. 

Next, scoop up the cannabis into the hopper using a card and funnel it into the cone carefully using the packing tool. Keep raking up to load into the hopper all of your cannabis. Tilt it to control the flow of the herbs as it is funneled evenly into your cyclone cone.

Step 3

A great thing about these transparent tubes is that you can actually see what's going on the inside of your soon-to-be joint. Thanks to this fantastic feature, you'll be able to realize if you're missing a spot. Carefully repeat the step above a few more times while you alternatively tamp down your cannabis as you go, avoiding that air gets trapped in between the joint. To achieve this properly, utilize your packing tool’s narrow end to tamp your herbs down to the joint’s smaller end. Then, use the larger end to tighten up the broad tip. This way, you’ll be able to load your cone evenly until it looks nice and tight. 

Step 4

Take the top end, pinch the excess paper and twist it to create a slightly pointed tip, preventing accident spilling. Moreover, this rolled tip helps create a paper overlap, making the joint burn more slowly, allowing you more time to make sure it is lit and burning evenly. 

If you want to maximize your cone’s size, fill it to the top and use your finger and thumb to crimp the end over slightly around the fully-loaded joint. Keep turning and folding in the top lip edge until you have entirely crumped off the joint’s end. 

That’s it! You rolled a cyclone joint in seconds. Now, take your lighter and enjoy a delicious and relaxing smoke as you wave into a total state of bliss.

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